Vikram - 100 HPC Cluster

A Successful Journey: Vikram-100 High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster of PRL (June 2015 - June 2020)

The VIKRAM-100 is a High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster with 100 teraflops sustained performance. This is a centrally-run service to support scientists, researchers and research scholars at PRL who require high performance computing. This includes workloads with requirements that can't be met by desktop PCs. Vikram-100 was the 13th fastest supercomputer in India.

The 97 computing nodes of the HPC facility offers 2,328 CPU cores, 1,15,200 GPU Cores, 25 TB of RAM and 300 TB of high performance parallel filesystem.

The cluster operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, with job submission handled by IBM Platform Computing. The service supports a wide variety of third-party software including numerical packages, libraries and C and Fortran compilers.