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Head : Prof. Shibu K Mathew

Dy. Head 1    : Prof. Ramit Bhattacharyya

Dy. Head  2 :   Prof. Bhuwan Joshi                                                        


Solar Physics is one of the major areas of research at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL). The dedicated research group in solar physics is based at the Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO) in Udaipur. The well-equipped ground-based solar observation facility at Udaipur is known globally for highest quality observational solar research. The major science goals of solar physics research group are to understand the physics of solar oscillations, evolution of sunspots, sunspot fine structure, MHD processes in the solar atmosphere, coronal heating, solar eruptions and space weather prediction. Solar research group extensively utilizes data obtained from both ground-based and space-based instruments together with numerical simulations to address key research problems in solar physics. Scientists are also involved in design, development, and operation of various ground-based and space-based instruments.

USO also conducts various outreach activities for the school students. More details can be find at USO Outreach Programme.

Research Programmes

  • Study of solar oscillations on global and local scales
  • Study of impulsive velocity flows on the Sun's surface taking place during the solar energetic events
  • Investigation of small-scale, magnetic and velocity anomalies in sunspots using high resolution spectro-polarimetric observations
  • Study of solar active region magnetic field and it's evolution
  • Understanding physics behind magnetic reconnection
  • Construction of coronal magnetic field lines from vector magnetograms and studying their dynamics by employing magnetohydrodynamic simulations
  • Role of magnetohydrodynamic waves in the heating of solar corona and acceleration of solar wind
  • Small-scale transients: a new insight to magnetic reconnection and coronal heating
  • High energy processes in solar eruptive phenomena
  • Investigations of long and mid-term behavior of solar activity cycles
  • Understanding the Initiation, evolution and propagation of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in the interplanetary medium
  • Understanding the Space weather effects of CMEs  and resulting geomagnetic storms
  • Solar Instrumentation                   
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Ph.D. Courses Offered

Semester I

  • Basics of solar physics

Semester II (Advance Solar Physics Course)
  • Solar internal structure and dynamics and solar oscillations (Helioseismology)

  • Solar magnetohydrodynamics

  • The active Sun and the space weather

  • Solar instrumentation techniques    

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Photographic Atlas of Solar Chromosphere

This atlas is a compilation of solar chromospheric observations from the Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO), collected during the year 1976 - 1984.




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