Title : Probing the Hidden Universe: Direct and Indirect Searches of Dark Matter

Date : 01-03-2024
Time : 14:30:00
Speaker : Dr. Divya Sachdeva
Area : Theoretical Physics
Venue : Online --->


Recent years have seen strong support for dark matter (DM) from observations on a multitude of scales, with a range of experiments operational, approved, or proposed to explore DM theories across various masses. The vastness of the parameter space of DM necessitates exploring model-dependent and model-independent approaches while investigating the symbiosis between astrophysical observations and particle physics experiments. In this talk, I will highlight my past and present research projects where we obtained limits on parameter space of various DM candidates and outline future research plans. I will conclude with a discussion on two key areas of my research plan: a) the impact of potential interaction of DM with Standard Model (SM) in altering its velocity distribution and expanding the detectable parameter space for direct detection experiments; and b) the presence of non-relativistic DM near supermassive black holes, which can lead to high-density DM regions that produce robust annihilation signals, thereby enhancing our indirect search capabilities.