Date : 20-03-2019
Time : 16:00:00
Speaker : Dr. G. D. Reeves
Venue : K.R. Ramanathan Auditorium, PRL


This talk will be centered around some of the space science activities at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) with a particular emphasis on personal involvement in some of those projects. LANL has been involved in space science for over 60 years. The origin of LANL’s Space Science program was the Vela satellite program which started in 1959 to monitor compliance with the test ban treaty. Los Alamos continues that mission to this day with systems such as the Global Position System (GPS) based nuclear detonation detection instruments and research into fundamental physics problem in collaboration with NASA and the international space sciences community. The fundamental space sciences research at LANL has greatly expanded to include solar-terrestrial interactions, studies of the heliopause and interstellar medium with energetic neutral atoms, planetary exploration, magnetospheric physics, radiation belt physics and many other areas. This talk will bring out some of that history and personal recollections of the history and of space sciences at LANL.