Final Semester Project Training

Those who have already completed their UG/PG are not eligible to apply. Only bonafide and full-time students in the final year of their UG/PG program are eligible and can apply through their college.

Student(s) pursuing B.E./M.E./B.Tech./M.Tech./MCA/M.Sc./MPhil or other Under Graduate (UG)/ Post Graduate (PG) courses in science and engineering can apply for a final semester project dissertation/report training at PRL.

  • The final semester project training duration shall be four (04) months for undergraduate engineering students..
  • The project duration can be four (04) to six (06) months for undergraduate/postgraduate science students .
  • The final semester project dissertation/report training duration for postgraduate engineering students shall be from six (6) months to twelve (12) months.


  1. The final semester project training must be a part of the prospective student's academic curriculum.
  2. The Head of the Department (HoD) should mention in the NOC letter the minimum number of days per week that the student can be present at PRL to work on the final semester project duration. This will be termed as the committed final semester project training duration.
  3. Total working days will be considered per PRL's working days (Monday to Friday per week except for scheduled holidays).
  4. PRL administration will provide temporary Identity card to the students selected for final semester project training, which is required for their entry into PRL premise(s). The students should keep their identity card visible when in PRL.
  5. As per PRL IT security norms, required computational facilities may be provided to carry out the training.
  6. PRL Canteen facilities can be availed on a payment basis as per applicable rates from time to time.
  7. The training at PRL will NOT cover expenses towards Medical and Transport. The stipend is not admissible under this training programme. Students need to make arrangements for accommodation.
  8. Students will have to take prior permission, in case of absence, if any, during the entire project duration. Any deviations to this will result in the termination of the project, and the information to this effect shall be passed on to the HoD.
  9. The training mode can be offline/online, and the PRL supervisor can decide this based on the project training requirements.
  10. A certificate will be issued at the end of the training, subject to giving a final seminar at PRL and receiving an endorsement from the project supervisor. Evaluation at PRL is not in lieu of assessment to be carried out by the college/University towards the fulfilment of granting the degree. The students will have to follow the norms of the University/college for their final semester project evaluation.
  11. PRL's project supervisor may be invited for the final defence of the project by the University/College (preferred but not mandatory and can be ONLINE).
  12. No article(s) resulting from the work carried out in PRL as a part of the project training be submitted in Tech. Fest/conference/seminars/journal without the written permission of the Project Supervisor of PRL.

Eligibility: Minimum first class is mandatory from HSC onwards.

Information related to the application process

  1. The final semester project training requests will be considered only for projects listed on the PRL website and with an 'OPEN' status.
  2. The student can mail the prospective supervisor their CV/resume, discuss the project and seek the supervisor’s consent before formally applying to PRL.
  3. A student should wait three (03) working days before writing to another supervisor. A student should not write to multiple supervisors and approach only one supervisor at a time.
  4. If more than one student approaches a supervisor, then the concerned supervisor will decide the final name(s) of the student(s) based on their interactions with them.
  5. A supervisor can take max. four (04) students at a time. Also, for a given project, max. two (02) students will be selected.
  6. The proposed PRL supervisor will inform the Dean's office about the recommendation of students (with a copy to the student). After this, an online form will be shared with the recommended students for making a formal application to carry out further formalities of selection and joining.
  7. After receiving the said form and relevant documents and its scrutiny, formal approval will be conveyed to the selected students through the Dean's office to start working on their designated project.
  8. At the time of filling out an online form, the following documents will be required for uploading:
    • Prescribed NOC cum Recommendation letter from the HoD/Dean/Principal of college/Training & Placement officer of the concerned University/College. (Annexure-I)
    • Prescribed 'Undertaking form' with the student's signature, Internal supervisor (as applicable), and the HoD/Dean/Principal of college/Training & Placement officer of the concerned University/College. (Annexure-II)
    • Consent from the PRL project supervisor in a prescribed format. (Annexure-III)

    A list of projects is as follows: students are to apply to select the project from this list ONLY.

    The following is the deadline for receiving applications for final semester project training.

    PS: This does not apply to the Summer Internship Programme.

    December 26: for January-April Session
    August 10: for 10-12 months training
    October 15: for the December-March session

    Contact: Head, Academic Services.
    Email: headas[At]prl[Dot]res[Dot]in
    Phone: 91-79-2631 4869