INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship

PRL encourages applications from candidates who have received INSPIRE faculty Fellowships or wish to apply for INSPIRE faculty fellowship through PRL. 

Those who wish to apply for  INSPIRE faculty Fellowship through a mentor in PRL  should send their application (i.e., research proposal, list of publication) to the Director, PRL, at least four weeks before the last date of application. The Director will forward the application to the review committee. The review committee will evaluate the application and then interact with the candidate in person or through video conference mode in the presence of the proposed mentor and communicate their recommendation to the Director, PRL, for further formalities.

Candidates already in possession of INSPIRE faculty fellowships through self-application mode and desirous of working in PRL as the host institution will be required to email a formal application along with necessary documents and research proposal to the Director PRL. The Director will forward these applications to the review committee. In consultation with the respective research groups/division, the review committee will decide on a suitable mentor and will conduct an interview of the candidate in the presence of the proposed mentor, division head, and subject experts. The committee will evaluate the suitability of hosting the candidate in the division after considering the primary objectives of the respective division and existing infrastructural facilities and send the recommendation to the Director for further formalities.

The terms and conditions for INSPIRE faculty fellowships will be as per their funding agency, but to the extent as per PRL & DOS rules and regulations. In case of any conflict of regulations between the faculty fellowship funding agency and PRL, the rules & regulations of PRL/DOS will take precedence.          

No accommodation will be provided to the INSPIRE faculty.   

Existing PDFs who wish to continue at PRL as INSPIRE Faculty would have to vacate the PRL accommodation.

INSPIRE Faculty can avail the First aid medical facilities provided at PRL Dispensary. No medicines shall be issued, nor PRL shall entertain any hospital bills.