Ramanujan Fellowship

PRL encourages applications for hosting Ramanujan fellows. Those wishing  to apply for a Ramanujan Fellowship with PRL as the host Institute should send their detailed CV and research proposal to the Director, PRL along with all other relevant documents.

Director will forward the application to the respective research group and then take a suitable  decision based on the inputs received from the concerned research group. The  research group members should have an interaction session/seminar with the applicants to judge the suitability of nominating the person as a Ramanujan fellow. 

The terms and conditions for Ramanujan Fellows will be as per their funding agency, but to the extent as per PRL & DOS rules and regulations. In case of any conflict of regulations between the funding agency and PRL, the rules & regulations of PRL/DOS will take precedence.          

No accommodation will be provided.   

Ramanujan Fellows can avail the First aid medical facilities provided at PRL Dispensary. No medicines shall be issued, nor PRL shall entertain any hospital bills.