Computer Networking and Information Technology (CNIT)

The Computer Networking and Information Technology is located in the main campus of the Laboratory. It is spread over 4000 square feet of plinth area with centrally air-conditioned environment. The main objective of the centre is to provide services/facilities such as networking, email (with protection against virus and spam), printing, back-up and maintaining the computational environment for scientific and engineering research.

Computer Networking and Information Technology is equipped with Param Vikram-1000 High Performance Compute Cluster having ~1PF computing performance. Computer Networking and Information Technology has SGI server having 16 Intel Xeon processors, 24GB RAM, with 25TB disk capacity. Computer Networking and Information Technology has also IBM Power7 4 CPU based server providing additional computing power. The Internet connectivity is 1Gbps through National Knowledge Network Optical Fiber Cable(OFC), and 256Mbps through BSNL OFC. It is operational in failsafe and load balance mode. The connectivity between Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO), and PRL Main Campus is 50 Mbps through BSNL OFC. USO also has separate 100 Mbps Internet OFC link from National Knowledge Network (Service Provider - BSNL). Mt.Abu is connected to PRL main campus over 100 Mbps OFC link provided by BSNL. PRL Thaltej Campus is connected over a 5Gbps OFC link through BSNL.

Computer Networking and Information Technology has started to leverage benefit of the virtualization technology for server consolidation. Internet Servers (DNS, Web, Mail, Library, Proxy, VPN, EGPS, etc.) and Intranet Servers (EDMS, DNS, Network Software License Server etc.) are migrated to virtual environment. Open Source (KVM) and Commercial (VMware vSphere) software are used to setup the virtual environment. This setup also provides redundancy as now services are no longer tied to a specific physical server. In case of a scheduled or unscheduled downtime, virtual machines can be manually or automatically migrated from one physical machine to another.

Numerical and visualization application softwares like Lahey Fortran95, IBM XLF, IMSL, IDL, Mathematica, Matlab, Sigma Plot, Maple, Data Explore etc. are available as per needs of the scientific community.