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Welcome to PRL. The Computational Services Group (CSG) is responsible for providing services/facilities like networking, computational, software development and maintenance. This document summarizes the key facilities provided by CSG for the smooth functioning of IT Infrastructures at various campuses of PRL. This document is prepared for both the new and existing users to know about available IT services/facilities. Please feel free to contact us for any computer specific problem/information, suggestions on improving manuals or IT services.
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1. Network Equipments

2. Internet Service Providers

  • RAILTEL - 01 Gbps link Bandwidth (National Knowledge Network)
  • BSNL - 34 Mbps link Bandwidth
Both the links are operational in load balancing and fail safe mode. Udaipur Solar Observatory has also separate 100 Mbps Internet link from National Knowledge Network (Service Provider - BSNL).

3. Intranet/Local Area Network(LAN)

  • BSNL - 34 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Main Campus to Thaltej Campus - 100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Main Campus to Udaipur - 50 Mbps link Bandwidth
  • Main Campus to Mt. Abu - 50 Mbps link Bandwidth
The link bandwidth up to the end-user desktop is 1 Gbps in Main Campus and Thaltej Campus LAN. The backbone connectivity through Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) between Computer Centre to Eight-storied Main Building is on 10Gbps bandwidth and with other buildings on 1Gbps bandwidth.

4. SPACENET Data Network:

  • Main Campus - 1 Gbps NKN and 2 Mbps BSNL Link, BSNL 2 Mbps link will be operational during NKN failover.
  • Thaltej Campus - 2 Mbps BSNL Link
  • USO Campus - 2 Mbps BSNL Link

5. SPACENET Video Conference

Video Conference facility over SPACENET is operational at Main Campus, Udaipur Campus and Mt. Abu campus. It is possible to establish Video Conference within ISRO/DOS centres.

6.Video Conference (VC) over Internet

It is also possible to establish Video Conference over Internet on 1Gbps NKN link from Main Campus, Thaltej Campus. Udaipur Solar Observatory user can establish VC over Internet using their 100 Mbps NKN link. User has to provide us details like IP address and Contact details of Person managing remote VC station. This enables us to test the connectivity and keep the setup ready for a hassle free VC.

7. GARUDA (C-DAC's Initiative) Grid Connectivity

GARUDA Grid connectivity is available from High Performance Compute Cluster installed at Main Campus. The link is operational over 1Gbps Optical Fiber on NKN. User can access available compute resources on GARUDA network through PRL HPC cluster.

8. Secure Wireless Network Access - तरंग

Wireless network is established to allow access of PRL network and computing facilities using Laptops, PC with wireless card, and Smart Phones. User need to register the Physical/Hardware/MAC address of their devices. Only authorized/registered devices can get access to PRL wireless network. At present, wi-fi network access in the Eight-storey building in the Main Campus, Student Hostel and PDF Blocks at Navrangpura campus, Student Hostel and Transit Accommodation in Thaltej Campus, Auditorium in Nanosims Building, and Computer Centre are operational.

9. Virtualization

Computer Centre has started to leverage benefit of the virtualization technology for server consolidation. Internet Servers (DNS, Web, Mail, Library, Proxy, VPN, EGPS, etc.) and Intranet Servers (EDMS, DNS, Network Software License Server etc.) are migrated to virtual environment. Open Source (KVM) and Commercial (VMWare vSphere) software are used to setup the virtual environment. Computer Centre has also setup a near disaster recovery at Thaltej Campus. The system automatically backup the data on defined time interval.

10. File Server (prlfs, prl2, phi, gpu) Access

Users can access their data on PRL server by logging on the file servers – prlfs, and prl2. These servers can be accessed using SSH or Xming (GUI access) by those who have a PRL email account. User can run his/her small applications on server – phi. User can change their email account password by executing command – yppasswd on these servers. Users are requested to use High Performance Computing Facility to run compute intensive applications.

11. VIKRAM-100 High Performance Compute (HPC) Cluster

VIKRAM-100 is a high performance computing cluster, which is capable delivering sustained 100 TFLOPS. It is the outcome of multi-divisional effort to address the present computational requirements as well as the expected need in the near future. It is based on new technologies, and incorporates the ethos of green computing at different levels of design and implementation. More detail available on –

12. Centralized Printing

Authorized and Authenticated users can use the centralized printing facility to print documents on the high end printers available in the Computer Centre over network. Users, however, need to install printer drivers of network printer in their computers. Users can contact computer centre for help.

13.Nextcloud File Sync and Storage Access - गगन

Access and Share your data from anywhere using Laptops, PCs, or Smart Phones. The server is configured to allow access to authorized users with Time based One Time Password (TOTP). To avail this facility, user need smart phone for generating TOTP. User can send request to to have Nextcloud account. User need to install Nextcloud client applications on Laptops, PCs, or Smart Phones for file sync. To implement this service open source software is used with few in-house customizations similar to other solutions like Dropbox, Google drive, Sky drive, etc.

14. Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity

VPN server is configured to provide secure access of PRL computational facilities over the Internet. The server is configured to allow access to authorized users with user digital certificate and Time based One Time Password (TOTP). To use this facility, user need smart phone for generating TOTP. User can send request to to have VPN access. Using this connectivity, user's device will be part of PRL Intranet over secure tunnel via Internet. User can access PRL subscribed Library Journals, run network licensed software on their machine, can access available PRL Intranet web sites or any other websites which can be accessed from PRL LAN only. User need to install VPN client on their Laptop, PC, or Smart Phone

15. Secure Web based Email Access

Secure (https) Web base email access is provided to access PRL emails from within Intranet and over Internet. To access web based email over Internet, user needs to use port knocking technique. However, port knocking technique is not required within PRL Intranet. Following is the procedure for port knocking:
  • Open the browser and type the URL: and press enter button. The browser will display error page or blank page. The error page varies with browser.
  • Now, open another tab within the browser and type the URL: This will open the PRL web based email access page.
  • USO Campus - 2 Mbps BSNL Link
Users can use Squirrelmail and/or horde webmail client. Squirrelmail is default web client. However, link is provided on the same page to use Horde webmail client. But any preferences or local address saved in one client will not be available on other If you receive any spam mail, we request you to kindly forward it to Kindly DO NOT reply, click any link or download any attachment from a spam mail. Computational Services Group (aka Computer Centre) will NEVER ask your username, password, OTP key or any other confidential information. If you receive any mail or call requesting your credentials, kindly contact us immediately and DO NOT reply to the mail/call.

16. Secure IMAP/SMTP access from Intranet only

Intranet users can also configure their own mail access clients (using secure IMAP/SMTP). The procedure is available on Intranet web page.

17. Secure remote access using SSH over Internet

To cater to the need of remote access to users’ data, secure access for authorized users using SSH is provided. User can send request to to avail this facility. To access this service, user needs to use port knocking technique. Whenever a user contacts us to access this service, we shall enable this service for the user and send the port knocking procedure.

18. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - Video Surveillance System

Computer Centre provides technical support to manage CCTV system installed at Main Campus and Thaltej Campus. Three cameras are installed in the Main Campus, and Two cameras are installed in the Thaltej Campus.

19. Servers for User related services

20. Available Commercial License Software

Apart from network and computational services, CSG is also involved in software development to cater the day to day or specific needs of Administration, Accounts, Store and Purchase, and help to makes their activities more streamlined. CSG also provides support in web development for various scientific activities, manages, maintains and trains PRL users on software provided by DOS/ISRO.

1. Computerized Working in Administrative Area (CoWAA)

Computerized Working in Administrative Areas (COWAA) Project is an integrated package of all administrative areas using uniform standardized operational environment for all DOS/ISRO centers. This package covers all operational requirements of all Administrative areas for their daily operations. CoWAA has been developed by SDSC, SHAR and distributed to all the ISRO centers. The CoWAA has seven modules (1) Administration (2) Payroll (3) Accounts (4) Purchase (5) Stores and (6) Finance (7) DBA. Each module caters different services ranging from Personal Information, Leave, LTC, Various Allowances, Provident Fund, Salary Processing, Income Tax calculations, Form 16 generation, Purchase orders processing, Stores, Asset management, Division wise budget allotment and expenditures etc. CoWAA stores all the information of an employee starting from the time of his/her joining PRL and upto his/her leaving/retirement from PRL. Sybase ASE 15.7 is used to store all the data. The web version of CoWAA is also being developed and we are planning to implement it in very near future.

2. Electronic Government Procurement System (EGPS)

The EGPS system provides an electronic platform that enables end‐to‐end automation of all activities in the Government Procurement Process from Indent Generation till Purchase Order Generation. The system is entirely web‐based running on two different servers called – Internet and External. Activities like Indent Preparation & Approval, Tender Preparation & Approval, Bid Evaluation and Purchase Order Generation are carried out at the Internal Server. External world does not have access to this data. Activities like Tender Release, Bid Submission, Open Authorization and Tender Opening are carried out at the External Server. Purchase orders are placed on the recommended vendors and relevant information is transferred to COWAA system for Billing and Stores Usage. Internal server is installed and available at each centre, which communicates with the single external server. It has been developed using ASP.NET and MSSQL Server

3. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

EDMS is a Hierarchical Digital Repository System that helps in archival and retrieval of documents in efficient and secure manner. The EDMS feature includes 1. Hierarchical Repository Management 2. Document Submission & Approval Workflow 3. User Management 4. Security & Access Control 5. Advanced Search. The software is developed by SAC, Ahmedabad and given to all the ISRO centres

4. Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP)

The Central Public Procurement Portal of Government of India facilitates all the Central Government Organizations to publish their Tender Enquiries, Corrigendum and Award of Contract details. The primary objective of this portal is to provide a single point access to the information on procurements made across various Central Government Organizations. Being a central government organization PRL also has to make the above information on this CPP Portal, this activity is carried out by purchase section and user management and training related CPP Portal activities are carried out by CSG

5. PRL Intranet Service

PRL Intranet Service is used by all the employees in PRL to download the various forms and to know the status of Leave/LTC/Income Tax estimations etc online. The link is available on PRL homepage.

6. Integrated CHSS Online Management (ICOM)

All employees and their dependents of Department of Space are covered under CHSS (Contributed Health Service Scheme). ICOM is computerized version of CHSS management. ICOM is an in-house development and operational since July 2008. It contains all the medical history of all the CHSS beneficiaries and record of all the CHSS related financial transactions of the beneficiaries. The technical document is available on -

7. Access Control System at PRL

Access Control System at PRL records each entry and exit of the all employees in PRL. Currently the system is operational at PRL main campus and Thaltej Campus. Each employee has been given a Radio Frequency (RF) Identity Card (ID) which can be used by employees for their entry and exits to and from the PRL campus, respectively. The same authorized ID works at other ISRO centres. Apart from this the same system is operational in JRF's rooms near computer center building for restricted entry/exit in these rooms. The technical document is available on -

8. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) based exam evaluation software

Open source software, customized in-house to cater the requirement to conduct OMR based examinations within PRL. The software only scans the OMR based answer sheet. A separate software is also developed to generate the result as per requirements. This software can be used to conduct various OMR base examinations. However, few modifications are required to process answer sheets. The software was successfully used to conduct Junior Research Fellow (JRF) - 2015 examination.

9. Online Examination Software

Online Examination Software is an in-house development and is being used to conduct multiple choice examination of candidates for the permanent and temporary employee recruitment. We have so far conducted examination of regular posts like Office Assistants and temporary posts like Office Trainees, Library Trainees and Computer Operator Trainees. The software is capable of generating final results within 15 minutes once the exam is over. The software is capable of taking Typing ability tests in English and Hindi as well. During Hindi Pakhavada in PRL, we often use to conduct online typing speed competition of employees in Hindi.

10. Canteen Management Software - अन्नपूर्णा

Canteen Management Software is an in-house development and installed at General Canteen and Faculty Canteen at Main Campus, Thaltej Canteen and Udaipur Canteen. PRL provides subsidized foods to all the employees and to keep the record of the expenses on food items of all the employees this software is used by contractors. It also generates the bills for contractors at the end of every month. All the four canteens running this software are connected with main data server located in Computer Centre where data is stored.

11. Pension System

PRL pays the pensions to the employees who retire from GPF scheme. The in-house developed software is a payment system for the pensioners used by Account section. It calculates pensions, DA, CHSS, Income Tax and other pension related payments and keeps their record. The software facilitates Income Tax estimations, sending pensions slips through email, generating bank file for payments etc. Currently the software is managing pension payments and income tax related activities for about 359 pensioners. The software is operational in PRL since 2008.

12. Guest House Booking System - अतिथि

Guest House Booking System keeps record of the guests who are staying in PRL main guest house and Thaltej Guest House. It also keeps records of all the guests’ arrival, departure, food bills etc. The employee who has booked the guest house is informed of his/her booking system via auto generated emails from the software. The online system is used by In-charge, Guest House.

13. Telephone System

Telephone System is being used to store the details of Incoming/Outgoing calls within PRL. Employees can submit their telephone details online using this software. Every month the system automatically generates email bills for each employee with URL to submit their telephone bills.

14.PRL Budgetary Information System

PRL Budgetary Information System is being used by all the division's Area Chairman to know the budget availability so that they can plan for next purchase accordingly. The software also helps purchase section to know the budget status as well. The link is given to respective authorities.

15. Purchase Information System

The Purchase – Information system with extended features is specially designed software for Purchase Section and all the Indenter as well. It is a powerful tool which is very helpful in improving the efficiency of the Purchase Section as well as Indenter. This project consists of a Window based interface and a web-based menu driven interface. The Window based application is used by Purchase Section only and useful for capturing data required for generating Consignment Clearance related documents. The Web-Based interface can be used within PRL LAN and useful for obtaining information regarding various purchase related activities.

16. Medical and Telephone Directory App - संपर्क

PRL has Contributory Health Service Scheme (CHSS) to provide various medical facilities to PRL employees, pensioners and their dependents. PRL employees in the need of medical help may use the medical directories to get the details of doctors and facilities in the PRL panel directory. At present, the medical directory is available in two formats. (1) Online: on PRL website (2) Offline: in the printed format as a booklet. However, these have limitations under various circumstances like unavailability of Internet, emergency medical requirements, etc. To overcome such issues, Sampark, an Android based mobile application is developed. Sampark leverages the benefits of smart phone technology: and brings medical and telephone directories to mobile devices. Sampark doesn't require internet connections for its working. Only while initial sync and for subsequent data update, users need to tap on the “Sync Data” button under “Settings” tab. In addition, Sampark can also notify users about various events/updates happening in PRL. More detail available on –

IT Security Tips - Think before your click

  • Select strong passwords- Minimum Eight characters, Combinations of alphabets, Numbers, and Special Characters.
  • Change your password at least every six months.
  • Avoid keeping the same password for different accounts.
  • Avoid sharing or writing your login credentials by any means to anyone.
  • Always use secure channel (SSH, HTTPS) for communication.
  • Immediate change of the login credentials is suggested if you have used/accessed online banking, performed financial transactions, checked email or accessed any other computing facility from unknown or others' computer or from cyber cafe.
  • Always use genuine license Operating System (OS), Antivirus or any other Software/Tools or well known open sources OS or software / tools.
  • Always keep Operating System, Antivirus, Firewall updated with the latest patches or signatures announced by the developers / maintainers.
  • Caution is suggested while connecting removal media to your PC, Laptop, and Smart Phone. Disable autorun in the OS.
  • Please be careful and read about license/copyright policy before downloading or using any software/tool, audio, and video.
  • Always take and keep backup of your important data and occasionally verify the backup.
  • Avoid disclosing your official or personal information, photos on social networking sites.
  • Avoid clicking on links received over email or any other means, and which ask to provide personal details like Name, Address, Birth date, PAN number, Credit Card Number, Debit Card Number, PIN, or other credentials. Do not provide any details over such links. Please do not provide any login credentials or personal details over phone call as well. Any legitimate organization will never ask your credential over email, phone or other means.

Security is our shared responsibility

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