Administration Image
The Administration endeavours to facilitate scientific research by providing support at all levels. These range from general administrative matters to infrastructure support including civil, electrical and air conditioning. The Accounts Section handles all financial matters and the Purchase Section facilitates procurement of scientific and other goods.The Stores Section handles inventory of stores and helps with the upkeep of equipment.
The Public Relations Office caters to transport and travel needs. Medical care is provided to all staff members under the Contibutory Health Service Scheme (CHSS), with an inhouse dispensary and links to leading hospitals and medical experts of Ahmedabad.
All Sections are managed by professionals and most of the works are carried out using "Computerised Working in Administrative Areas" (COWAA) software developed inhouse specifically for ISRO Centers.
Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
+91-79-2630 4855/4854
Mr. C. V. R. G. Deekshitulu
+91-79-2631 4858
Registrar's Office & Recruitment
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma
+91-79-2631 4858 / 4244
Head P & G A
Mr. Rathin Sengupta
+91-79-2631 4005
Head, Personnel & General Administration (Student Affairs, LTC, Leave, Security etc. & General Administration)
Mr. Anand D. Mehta
+91-79-2631 4007
Administrative Officer (Establishment)
Mr. Senthil Babu T.J.
+91-79-2631 4004
Public Relations and Medical Cell
Mr. K K Sasikumar
+91-79-2631 4129
Hindi Cell
Mrs. Rumkee Dutta
+91-79-2631 4208
Canteen/Estate Section/Guest House
Ms. Richa Prashant Kumar
+91-79-2631 4016
Telephone, EPABX and Transport
Mr. Patel Kartikkumar M
+91-79-2631 4000 / 4001 / 4021
Sr.Head Accounts & IFA
Mr. C. V. R. G. Deekshitulu
+91-79-2631 4104
+91-79-2631 4903 (Fax)
Head Accounts & IFA
Mr. Suresh Babu A
+91-79-2631 4109
Sr. Accounts Officer
Mr. Y S Jain
+91-79-2631 4103
Accounts Officer
Mr. Suresh K Patel
+91-79-2631 4102
Accounts Officer
Mr. Hitesh C Panchal
+91-79-2631 4110
Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer (In-Charge, Purchase & Stores and Imports)
Mr. Hemal Shah
+91-79-2631 4113
Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer (Local)
Mr. P K Sivadasan
+91-79-2631 4112
Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer
Mr. Rashmi Ranjan
+91-79-2631 4075
Purchase & Stores Officer (Local)
Mrs. Nandini Ravi Rao
+91-79-2631 4119
Purchase & Stores Officer (Import)
Mr. Pradeep Singh Chauhan
+91-79-2631 4115
Head, CMG
Mr. Vinay Kumar Mahirale
+91-79-2631 4097
Head, Workshop
Mr. H. R. Vaghela
+91-79-2631 4081
Head, Library
Dr.(Mrs). Nishtha Anilkumar
+91-79-2631 4167
Head Dispensary
Dr. Samir Dani
+91-79-2630 2835 / 6448
Dr. Shital Patel
+91-79-2630 2582 / 6448
Head, Computer Center
Mr. Jigar Raval
+91-79-2631 4035