Summer Internship Programme 2023 (in Hybrid mode)

Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), an autonomous unit of the Department of Space, Government of India, conducts basic research in the areas of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar and Heliophysics, Space & Atmospheric Sciences, Geosciences, Planetary Sciences and Solar System Exploration, Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics and Theoretical Physics. The Laboratory has several world-class experimental, observational, and computing facilities spread over its four campuses at Navrangpura and Thaltej in Ahmedabad, Infrared Observatory at Mt. Abu, and Solar Observatory in Udaipur. Research in PRL includes niche areas, like Planetary and Space missions, Astro-chemistry, Femto-second Lasers, Quantum Communication, Exo-planets, Biogeosciences, Paleo-climatology, Laboratory analysis of Meteorites/samples, Neutrino physics.

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The summer internship programme will provide a platform for interaction with Scientists/Engineers to allow young academic talent scholars and researchers from reputed academic institutions who are pursuing Graduation / Post-Graduation/Research in the disciplines of Science / Technology which are relevant to PRL programmes. The Scheme has the following stated objectives:

  1. To allow young academic talent to be associated with PRL scientists for mutual benefit;
  2. The "Interns" may benefit from exposure to the Research Institute's functioning and applying theory into practice. This programme would facilitate the young talent to choose a career path;

Applications are invited from academically outstanding and highly motivated graduate and postgraduate students and college teachers of Indian Nationality for the Summer Internship Programme to be held in Hybrid (offline and online) MODE by the Physical Research Laboratory from May 15 to July 10, 2023. Please note that ONLY a limited number of projects will be available for the internship. The participants will work on a specific project with a faculty member of the institute. The nature of the project will decide the offline/online mode. The total duration of the SIP will be of 45 days.

Eligibility criteria and other details about the Programme for Students

Eligibility criteria
The following candidates are eligible to apply for Internship Scheme:
  1. The candidate should be a Citizen of India;
  2. The candidate should be pursuing UG/ PG from a recognized University/Institution (India/Abroad); (OR)
  3. The candidates should have just completed UG/PG from a recognized University / Institution, seeking an internship opportunity (within six months from the date of award of degree) for profile enhancement;
  4. The candidate should possess an aggregate of Min. 60% or a CGPA of 6.32 on a scale of 10 at all levels.
    - The disciplines from which the applications are encouraged are optics, Laser Physics, Space Physics, Geology, Geophysics, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Meteorology, Chemistry, Ocean Sciences, and related subjects.
    - Preference will be given to candidates who are KVPY/DST INSPIRE fellows.
    - We expect prospective candidates to have reasonably good proficiency in basic physics and mathematics.
Duration: 45 days from May 15 - July 10, 2023.

Eligibility criteria and other details about the Program for Teachers

Eligibility criteria
Teachers having an academic background in Physics, Applied Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Optics, Laser Physics, Space Physics, Geology, Geophysics, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Meteorology, Chemistry, Ocean Sciences, and related subjects and presently teaching postgraduate/graduate level with interest in pursuing research in any of the research areas of PRL are invited to apply for the summer internship program. The application must be forwarded through the Head/Principal of the institution. Any application received without this recommendation will not be considered. The selected candidates will be informed through e-mail. No interim queries in this connection will be entertained.
Duration: 45 days from May 15 - July 10, 2023.

Essential Qualifications:Five years of teaching experience, demonstrated interest in research as evidenced by research publications/research projects and a Ph.D. degree.

All the selected candidates (students/teachers) will work on projects in association with a faculty member in any of the four campuses of PRL.

List of Projects

Click Here for list of projects.

How To Apply

  1. A list of projects is attached in the above link with contact details of respective project supervisors.
  2. Student/Teacher applicants interested in a specific project must contact the supervisor.
  3. A maximum of two students can work with a supervisor.
  4. A proposed supervisor will inform the Dean's office about the selection of students/teachers, and after this, a form will be shared with the selected students/teachers for further formalities. After receiving the said form, formal approval will be conveyed to the selected students/teachers to start working on their designated project.
  5. Visits of students/teachers to PRL selected for the offline project will be allowed, and necessary formalities to be followed will be informed to such candidates by PRL.
  6. At the time of filling out the form, the following documents will be required:
    1. Written consent from PRL faculty member
    2. NOC from the department/college/institute
  7. All students seeking internship opportunities shall submit a bonafide certificate duly issued by the institute's Head of the Department/ Principal/ Director and other documents mentioned below.
    • Prescribed NOC cum Recommendation letter from the HoD/Dean/Principal of college/Training & Placement officer of the concerned University/College. (Annexure-I)
    • Prescribed 'Undertaking form' with the student's signature, Internal supervisor (as applicable), and the HoD/Dean/Principal of college/Training & Placement officer of the concerned University/College. (Annexure-II)
    • Consent from the PRL project supervisor in a prescribed format. (Annexure-III)
The selected candidates will be informed through e-mail. No interim queries in this regard will be entertained.
The interns shall not be eligible for any stipend/remuneration / financial assistance.

General Instructions::

  1. Student/Teacher Applicants should wait 3-4 days for a reply from the concerned faculty members before applying to another project. The final selection right lies with the concerned faculty member subject to fulfilling the minimum criteria as mentioned above.
  2. The selected applicants report to the Head of Academic Services with letters from the respective colleges/universities.
  3. The experts will review the students' projects towards the end of the training period in online/offline mode. After the recommendation from the reviewers, a soft copy of the Project report duly e-certified by the Project Guide should be submitted to the Head of Academic Services, PRL. This should be done before the end of the programme.
  4. The results from the project work, if any, can NOT be used/published in any manner without the written permission of PRL.
  5. Total working days will be considered per PRL's working days (Monday to Friday per week except for scheduled holidays).
  6. PRL administration will provide temporary Identity card to the students selected for final semester project training, which will be required to enter PRL premise(s). The students should keep their identity cards visible when in PRL.
  7. As per PRL IT security norms, required computational facilities may be provided to carry out the training.
  8. PRL Canteen facilities can be availed on a payment basis as per applicable rates from time to time.
  9. The training at PRL will NOT cover expenses towards Medical and Transport. Students need to make arrangements for their accommodation.
  10. Students will have to take prior permission, in case of absence, if any, during the entire project duration. Any deviations to this will result in the termination of the project, and the information to this effect shall be passed on to the HoD.
  11. The training mode can be offline/online, and the PRL supervisor can decide this based on the project training requirements.
  12. A certificate will be issued at the end of the training, subject to giving a final seminar at PRL and receiving an endorsement from the project supervisor. Evaluation at PRL is not in lieu of assessment to be carried out by the college/University towards the fulfilment of granting the degree. The students will have to follow the norms of the University/college for their final semester project evaluation.
  13. No article(s) resulting from the work carried out in PRL as a part of the project training be submitted in Tech. Fest/conference/seminars/journal without the written permission of the Project Supervisor of PRL.

Summer Research Fellows (SRFs) supported by the three National Academies of Sciences/KVPY/DST/DAE etc.
- SRFs selected through external funding sources can visit PRL from 10 May to 10 July 2023.

Limited paid accommodations are available, and these may be provided on receiving a request from the students subject to the availability and on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Accommodation rates – Rs. 100 per day
  • If the accommodation is provided, it will be available only up to 10 July 2023, and any request for an extension beyond this date will not be considered.

Important Dates:
Date of application and completion selection: Between 20 April and 01 May 2023 (including the online form to be filled out, which will be shared with the recommended candidates).

Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Internship Programme (SIP):

  1. How much GPA / % is required to get admission into the SIP?
    The candidate should possess an aggregate of Min. 60% or a CGPA of 6.32 on a scale of 10 at all levels.
  2. I am doing my MSc in physics at IIT-X or some University. I wanted to know how many students you take from IITX/University/College.
    We have no fixed number of students that we take from any institution this year.
  3. I am from India, but I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies at a foreign University (US/Europe etc.). I am interested in applying to SIP. Am I eligible to apply?
    Yes, provided you are an Indian citizen (having an Indian Passport).
  4. Is it compulsory to have detailed knowledge about the particular research topic?
    While no specialized knowledge is necessary, we expect you to thoroughly understand what is typically taught at the Pre-Final year level.
  5. Are we to undertake a project on the research topic and finish it in 45 days, or is it a chance to read and enhance my knowledge on a particular topic?
    You will be working on a focused research project and finish it in 45 days of duration.