e-CALLISTO Solar Radio Spectrograph
Udaipur Solar Observatory, USO/PRL

CALLISTO: Compound Astronomical Low cost Low frequency Instrument for Spectroscopy and Transportable Observatory
  • An e-CALLISTO spectrograph is operational at USO/PRL since October 4, 2018.

Science Objectives

  • Real-time monitoring of solar origin of space weather.
  • Study of magnetic and plasma processes during solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).
  • RFI monitoring for astronomical science, education and outreach.

Observing Coverage

Observing Summery

Data Usage Policy: e-CALLISTO data from this website is open for the purpose of outreach, education and research. We will highly appreciate acknowledgement of data source in the publication.
For further details please refer to e-CALLISTO Website .

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