Theoretical Physics Faculty


Prof. Dilip Angom
Atomic Physics, BEC, and finite temperature theories of many-body systems.
Room No: 463
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4463
Email: angom AT
Prof. Jitesh R. Bhatt
QCD, Astro-particle Physics and Plasma Physics.
Room No: 475
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4475
Email: jeet AT
Prof. Srubabati Goswami
Neutrino Physics.
Room No: 471
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4471
Email: sruba AT
Dr. Partha Konar
Particle Physics phenomenology at Large Hadron Collider (LHC); Higgs, Supersymmetry, Dark Matter and Physics beyond the Standard Model.
Room No: 479
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4479
Email: konar AT
Dr. Namit Mahajan
B Physics, CP Violation and Effective Field Theories.
Room No: 474
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4474
Email: nmahajan AT
Prof. Hiranmaya Mishra
Strong interaction under extreme conditions. Phase transitions, quark gluon plasma, relativistic hydrodynamics
Room No: 477
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4477
Email: hm AT
Prof. Subhendra Mohanty
Astroparticle Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Neutrino Physics and Physics Beyond Standard Model.
Room No: 461
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4461
Email: mohanty AT
Dr. Ketan M. Patel
Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Room No: 464
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4464
Dr. Satyajit Seth
QCD, Precision Calculation
Room No: 456
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4456
Dr. Navinder Singh
Theoretical condensed matter physics; Unconventional superconductivity and the strange metal problem. Application of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to strongly correlated systems.
Room No: 457
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4457


Prof. A. S. Joshipura
Neutrino Physics, Supersymmetry, Astroparticle Physics and Physics Beyond Standard Model.
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4939
Email: anjan AT
Prof. V. K. B. Kota
Nuclear Physics, Group Symmetries, Nuclear Models, Random Matrix Theory, Quantum Many-body Physics and Statistical properties of nuclear levels .
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4939
Email: vkbkota AT
Prof. A. R. Prasanna
Theoretical Physics, General relativity, Gravitation and Astrophysics.
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4939
Email: prasanna AT
Prof. S. D. Rindani
Collider Physics, CP Violation, Neutrino Physics and Physics Beyond Standard Model. Particle Physics.
Room No: 462
Phone No: +91 79 2631 4462
Email: saurabh AT