Large Hadron Collider

Journey to a new frontier

Associate Professor
Theoretical Physics Division
Physical Research Laboratory
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
Gujarat - 380 009

Office: 479
Tel: +91 (79) 2631 4479
Fax: +91 (79) 2631 4460

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List of some of the recent publications ====>

Current Research:

▹     Ph.D   and   Post-Doctoral
positions are available in our group

▹     Interested ones with CSIR/ Inspires/ NPDF fellowship may contact me for position in our group


◎   Publications from iNspireHEP

◎   Gscholar     and     ArXiv

    • Peer review for
          JHEP, PRD, PRL, EPJC, MPLA
    • Activites at Academic committee
    • Activity for JEST coordination for PRL
    • Courses for JRF: QFT, particle physics, Mathematical methods
    • Supervise summer students and projects

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Summer Internship Programme
Engineering Project Training