Quantum Science and Technology Program

Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

The field of quantum science and technology has made tremendous progress. Over the past few decades, it has moved from laboratory experiments in fundamental physics to a cross-disciplinary area of active research into field-deployable quantum technologies. The entire field can be broadly divided into four groups: quantum communication, quantum simulation of physical systems, quantum computation, and quantum sensing and metrology. The field has matured so much that it is no longer limited to academic research but is steadily finding its way into the mainstream through applications in secure communication, simulation of complex physical systems, and super sensitive measuring devices. The Quantum Science and Technology Program in PRL, Ahmedabad was conceptualized to collectively invest resources and technology towards advancements in quantum optics and quantum information sciences. Under the program, we study the physics of light-matter interaction at the quantum interface with an equal emphasis on fundamental and application-oriented research. At present the program consists of following groups:

News and Updates

  • FSQT-2020 - Fundamental Sciences & Quantum Technologies using Atomic Systems. A virtual conference covering various emerging topics in atomic and molecular physics - Keynote talks, invited talks and poster presentations. Find More & Register.
  • SCOP-2022 - Student Conference on Optics and Photonics. Sixth instalment of the annual conference series organized by OSA PRL-Student Chapter will be conducted as a virtual conference. Find More & Register.

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