ISAMP Newsletter

ISAMP publishes a bimonthly newsletter of its activities. Articles are accepted from members and non-members on any topic of current interest in atomic, molecular and optical physics.  These could be on concepts, theory, computational aspects, experiments or instrumentation. Here is the the current issue (21-08-08) of the Newsletter.

Contributions are Welcome! Please read these guidelines, and send your contributions to the ISAMP Office

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Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Articles should be at an average physicist's level, not for the topical specialist. They should be written in an easily-understood manner.
  2. Articles should not focus on activities in your group alone. They should give pointers to what is happening in the field all over the world. The newsletter is not a journal, its purpose is to keep the society members informed of what is happening in various areas of atomic, molecular, optical physics.
  3. Manuscripts should be set in 12 point fonts. You may use TeX/LaTeX and other word processors. If you use Word, WordPerfect, Lotus or any other Windows or Unix word processor, please send the file in rich-text format (save file as .RTF) to ensure portability. Please avoid fonts other than Arial, Times Roman, Helvetica and the native TeX fonts.
  4. Figures should not be embedded and should be sent separately as zipped EPS, TIF for line drawings and JPG for photographs. Please do not send GIF or BMP files, because of troublesome resolution/filesize issues. Please avoid complicated article formats and figures!