1. Theory of atomic electric dipole moments (EDMs) arising from parity and time-reversal/CP violation and its role in testing the Standard Model of Particle Physics.
  2. Parity non-conservation (PNC) in atomic systems to probe the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics using the relativistic many-body theory.
  3. Atomic parity non-conservation arising from the nuclear anapole moment to gain insights into parity violating nuclear interactions.
  4. Search for new candidates for atomic clocks.
  5. Studies of quantum phase transitions in cold atoms and breached-pair phase in the BEC-BCS crossover.
  6. Strong electron correlation effects in heavy atomic systems, molecules, clusters and accurate estimation of atomic properties.
  7. Determination of nuclear properties from atomic studies.
  8. Applications of atomic physics to astrophysics.
  9. Isotope shifts and absolute nuclear charge radii.
  10. Fine structure constant variation and implications to cosmology.
  11. High precision test of atomic many-body theories.


  • Doctoral Thesis ”Coupled-cluster Theory of Parity Non-conservation in Atoms” under the supervision of Prof. Bhanu Pratap Das, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Koramangala, Bangalore, India from November-2001 to September-2005.


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