Sunil Kumar Singh

Present Position : Professor
Telephone: +91-79-2631-4307

Present Research Interests

These studies are based on precise isotopic and elemental measurements in environmental and geological samples using sophisticated instruments like Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer (TIMS), MC-ICP-MS, QICP-MS, ICP-AES, Coulometer, CN analyser etc.

Awards & Honours

Graduate Students

Name Year Thesis Title Presently Working At
Dr. Waliur Rahaman 2010 Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Estuaries and the Ganga Basin Sediments National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research,(NCAOR) Goa
Dr. Gyana Ranjan Tripathy 2011 Isotope Geochemistry of Black Shales and Recent Marine Sediments Indian Institute of Scienice Education and Research (IISER), Pune
Dr. Vineet Goswami 2012 Spatial and temporal variations of Os, Nd, Sr isotopes and redox sensitive elements in waters and sediments of the Arabian Sea and their implications Colorado State University, Fort Collins, United States
Dr. Satinder Pal Singh 2012 U, Re, Mo and isotopic studies of Boron in water and sediments of the northern Indian Ocean: Implications to Contemporary and Paleo-Biogeochemical processes Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal
Dr. Jayati Chatterjee 2013 Isotopic and Geochemical Studies of Saline-Alkaline soils, Water and Sediments of the Ganga river system: Implications to Erosion and Carbon cycle National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), Hyderabad
Mr. A. K. Sudheer Provinance study of aerosol over Indian Oean and continent
Mr. Venkatesh Chinni Distributions of dissolved Iron and Zinc in the Indian Ocean: Implications to their sources, sinks and internal cycling
Mr. Namandeep Singh Biogeochemistry of trace elements and isotopes in the Indian Ocean

Postdoctoral Fellows

Past Present

Selected Publications

  1. Lagad, R. A., Singh, S. K., Rai, V. K., Rare earth elements and 87 Sr/86 Sr isotopic characterization of Indian Basmati rice as potential tool for its geographical authenticity, Food chemistry, 217, 254-265. (2017)
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  3. Sudheer, A.K., Aslam, M.Y., Upadhyay, M., Rengarajan, R., Bhushan, R., Rathore, J.S., Singh, S.K., Kumar. S.,, Carbonaceous aerosol over semi- arid region of western India: Heterogeneity in sources and characteristics, Atmospheric Research, 178, 268-278. (2016)
  4. Damodararao, K., Singh, S. K., Rai, V. K., Ramaswamy, V., Rao, P.S., Lithology, Monsoon and Sea-Surface Current Control on Provenance, Dispersal and Deposition of Sediments over the Andaman Continental Shelf, Frontiers in Marine Science, 3, 118. (2016)
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