Mr. Ramakant R. Mahajan
Planetary Sciences Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 380009.
email: ramakant[AT]
Telephone : +91-79-26314411
PLAS Symposium MetMeSS21 Physical Research Laboratory

Research Interests
Meteorites : chondrites and achondrites :: How to identify a meteorite ?
Noble gas and nitrogen isotopes [see: Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer Lab.]
Mars, Moon, Venus, Planets, Asteroids, Sample Return, Sample curation, payload development
Cosmic ray exposure history of meteorites

Courses Teaching to JRF students
Exploration of Solar system
Isotopes in planetary Science
Instrumentation : mass spectrometer and vacuum system
Cosmochemistry and meteorites

Papers :
  1. "Noble gases, cosmic ray exposure and radiogenic ages in selected ordinary chondrites", R. R. Mahajan Advances in Space Research in press

  2. "Cosmogenic records and noble gases in Mukundpura CM2.0 carbonaceous chondrite", R. R. Mahajan, D. Raychaudhuri, A. Dutta, A. D. Shukla Planetary and Space Science Vol. 215, 105465, 2022.

  3. "Neon in interior of the asteroid Vesta and comparison with the terrestrial planets" , S. Jaiswal, R. R. Mahajan, M. Ngangom Journal of Asian Earth Sciences : X vol.7, 100084, 2022.

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  6. "Noble gases and nitrogen in metal from the ordinary chondrites Katol (L6), Itawa Bhopji (L3-5) and Portales Valley (H6)", R. R. Mahajan , Astrophysics and Space Science 2020

  7. "Exposure ages, noble gases and nitrogen in the ordinary chondrite Karimati (L2)" , R. R. Mahajan , Earth, Moon, and Planets 2020

  8. "Noble gas, nitrogen composition and cosmic ray exposure history of two eucrites Vissannapeta, Piplia Kalan and one howardite Lohawat", R. R. Mahajan, Amit Basu Sarbadhikari and M. S. Sisodia Planetay and Space Science Vol. 165, p. 23-30, 2019.

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  13. "Santa Lucia (2008) (L6) Chondrite, a recent fall: composition, noble gases, nitrogen and cosmic ray exposure age",
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Instruments :
Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer Laboratory
Other articles
  1. "Katol meteorite shower",
    R. R. Mahajan, and S. V. S. Murty, PLANEX newsletter, vol 2, 2012

  2. "Meteorites archeives of solar system history",
    S. Goel, R. R. Mahajan and S. V. S. Murty. ICPS-Virat Surya (The Indian Planetary Society) Vol Jan-Apr, pp 27-30, 2009

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