Neeraj Rastogi

Present Position : Professor
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Telephone: +91 79 2631 4306


v How sources and processes affect aerosol concentration, composition and characteristics?

v How the atmospheric processing of aerosols affects their implications to atmospheric chemistry, air quality, aquatic ecosystem, and climate change


What are Atmospheric Aerosols and Why do We Study Them? A Short Video



v Characterization of secondary aerosols on various time scales (minutes to years)

v Identifying the sources and processes affecting aerosol composition using isotopes

v Fate of environmental microplastics

v Investigating the aerosol oxidative potential

v Characterization of brown carbon aerosols

v Investigating chemistry of Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) region through balloon-borne and aircraft measurements



v 2022 - Present: Professor at PRL-Ahmedabad, India

v 2017 - 2021: Associate Professor at PRL-Ahmedabad, India

v 2011 - 2016: Assistant Professor at PRL-Ahmedabad, India

v 2009 - 2011: Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Toronto, Canada (Supervisor: Prof. Greg Evans)

v 2006 - 2009: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (Supervisor: Prof. Rodney J. Weber)

v 2005 - 2006: Post-Doctoral Fellow at PRL-Ahmedabad, India (Supervisor: Prof. M. M. Sarin)



v Ph.D.: Aerosol and Rainwater Chemistry, 2005, Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, India (Supervisor: Prof. M. M. Sarin)

v B.Ed.: 1998, University of Lucknow, India

v M.Sc.: Physical Chemistry, 1997, University of Lucknow, India

v B.Sc.: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, 1995, University of Lucknow, India



v Member: Editorial Advisory Board, Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment

v Reviewer: Numerous Journals of Different Publication Groups (Cell Press, Nature, Elsevier, ACS, Springer, RSC, EGU, AGU, etc), and Projects from National/International Funding Agencies (ISRO, SERB, CSIR, MoES, SNF)




Dr. Atinderpal Singh: 2012 batch - Worked on Seasonality and Characteristics of Ambient Aerosols (Presently Assistant Professor at University of Delhi)

Dr. R. V. Satish: 2013 batch - Worked on Brown Carbon Aerosol Characterization (Presently Postdoc at Central State University, Ohio, USA)

Dr. Anil Patel: Since 2014 batch - Worked on Aerosol Oxidative Potential (Presently Postdoc at Stockholm University, Sweden)

Mr. Jay Dave: From 2018 to 2020 - Project Scientific Assistant (Presently MS student at University of Saskatchewan, Canada)


Mr. Devaprasad M.: Since 2020 - Working on Isotopic Composition of Carbonaceous Aerosols

Ms. Chandrima Shaw: Since 2021 - Working on Environmental Microplastics

Dr. Puneet Verma: Since 2021 – Aerosol Oxidative Potential and PAHs


Mr. Rohit Meena: (Scientific Assistant: Since 2020)




(**Student / Postdoc Author / Corresponding author)


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