PRL Doctoral Theses Since 1952


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Sr. No.


Year 1952
1 Kane R P Time-Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity Near the Geomagnetic Equator
Year 1953
2 Murthy B H V Studies in Atmospheric Ozone
Year 1954
No Theses were Submitted
Year 1955
3 Venkatesan D Time Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity in Low Latitues
( Not Available )
4 Venkateswaran S V Studies in Meteorology ( Not Available )
Year 1956
5 Nerurkar The Daily Variation of Cosmic Rays
6 Rastogi R G Studies on the Physics of the Ionosphere
Year 1957
7 Bhavsar P D Studies in Comic Rays
8 Dave J V Studies on Twilight and Atmosphere Ozone
Year 1958
9 Kotadia K M Studies in Ionosphere at Low latitudes
10 Sastry T S G Studies of the Time Variation of Cosmic Rays at Low Latitudes
11 Satya Prakash Studies in Cosmic Rays
12 Sreenivasan S R The Distribution of Electrons in the Ionosphere From Vertical Soundings
Year 1959
13 Duggal S P A Study of the Time Variation of Cosmic Rays at Low Latitudes
14 Sethuraman R A Study of Ionospheric Wind Drifts Over Ahmedabd
Year 1960
15 Ahluwalia H S The Study of Time Variations of Cosmic Rays at Low and Intermediate Latitudes
16 Bhonsle R V Studies in Ionospheric Physics Using Extraterrestrial Radio Noise
17 Rao U R Study of Time Variations of Cosmic Rays with Directional Telescopes at Ahmedabad
18 Razdan H L Study of time Variation of Cosmic Rays with Narrow & Wide Angle Telescopes at Ahmedabad
Year 1961
19 Dandekar B S Observations of Night Airglow at MT.ABU & Their Discussion
20 Degaonkar S S Vertical Distribution of Electrons in the Ionosphere Over Ahmedabad
21 Pai G L Study of Time Variation of Cosmic Rays at the Geomagnetic Equator
Year 1962
22 Shah G M Atmospheric Studies by Optical Scattering
23 Shah S K Studies in Structure & Properties of Light Nuclei
24 Shirke J S Investigations on the Physics of the Ionosphere over Ahmedabad
25 Thankappan V K Collective Vibrations in Light Nuclei
26 Waghmare Y R Theoretical Studies in the Structure Light & Intermediate Nucei
Year 1963
27 Alurkar S K Ionospheric Studies by Reflected Electromagnetic Waves
28 Gottlieb B Studies in Time Variations of Cosmic Rays with North & South Pointing Telescopes ( Not Available in Library )
Year 1964
29 Subramanian G Studies in Time Variation of Cosmic Rays at A Station on the Geomagnetic Equator
Year 1965
No Theses were Submitted
Year 1966
30 Abdu, M A Galatic Radio Noise Attenuation in the Ionosphere
31 Deshpande, M R Ionosphere Drift Measurements over Low-Latitudes
32 Rao, K R Studies in Upper Atmosphere "Measurement of Neutral Atmosphere Winds Above 80 km"
33 Sanatani S Electron Density Distribution in the Ionosphere Vol.- 1
34 Sanatani S Electron Density Distribution in the Ionosphere Vol.- 2
Year 1967
35 Ananthkrishnan S Studies on the Propagation of Low-Frequency Radio Waves in the Ionosphere
36 Angreji P D Studies in Atmospheric Ozon and Airglow
37 Ramkrishnan S Beacon Satellite Studies of the Ionosphere Over Ahmedabad & Neighbouring Low Latitudes
Year 1968
38 Dhanju M S Studies in Short Period Variations of Cosmic Ray Intensity
39 Pal S R Studies in Night Airglow
40 Subbaraya B H Studies in Equatorial Aeronomy "Langmuir Prob Studies of the Lower Equatorial Ionosphere at Thumba"
41 Trivedi N B Studies of the Geomagnetic Field in Low Latitudes
Year 1969
42 Chandra H Studies of Low Latitude Ionoshere
43 Pathak P N Dissertation on Studies in Cosmic Rays
44 Shah M S A Study of Pion Capture in Three-Body Systems, 3He and 6Li
Year 1970
45 Gupta S P The Study of the Lower Ionosphere at Low Lattitude
46 Kasturirangan K Study of Cosmic Rays and other Ionizing Radiations at Balloon Altitudes
47 Patel D Studies in Cosmic Rays
48 Prakasarao A S Studies in Cosmic X - rays
Year 1971
49 Misra R K Studies of the Ionospheric Irregularities at Low Latitudes
50 Nair K N Time Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity and of Geomagnetic Field
51 Rajaram G Studies of Disturbances in the Ionoshere
52 Rao V R Airglow Studies in Low Lattitudes
53 Saxena Y C A Study of Moons Associated with Extensive Air Showers
54 Sharma R P Electron Density Variations in the Ionosphere at Low Lattitudes ( Due to Lunar Tides )
Year 1972
55 Chakravarty S C Studies of Radio Wave Propagation in the Lower Ionoshere
56 Kargathra L V Investigation of the Anisotropy of Galactic Cosmic Rays with Scintillation Telescopes
57 Kulkarni D R The Effective Interactions and Deformations In 1d - 2s and 1f - 2p Shells
Year 1973
58 Agrawal S P Study of Cosmic Ray Variations
59 Jayanthi U B Studies in X - ray Astronomy
60 Krishnaswami S Geochemistry of Transition Elements and Radioisotopes in Fresh Water and Marine Environments   ( Not Available in Library )
61 Motto S K Studies in Radio Astronomy
62 Narayana M S Studies in Upper Atmosphere
63 Singhal K P Studies of the Secondary Component of Cosmic Rays
64 Sengupta K Study of Equatorial Ionosphere ( Not Available in Library )
65 Sharma S K Deformations,Pairing and Efffective Interactions of the Nuclei
(Not Available in Library )
Year 1974
66 Bemalkhedkar M M Studies in Cosmic Rays
67 Nijampurkar V N Applications of Cosmic Ray Produced Isotope Silicon-32 to Hydrology with Special Reference to Dating of Groundwaters
68 Sharma D P Studies in X - ray Astronomy
69 Sivaraman M R Topeside Ionosphere at Low Lattitudes
Year 1975
70 Ananth A G Time Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity
71 Haq R U Application of distribution Methods to Smmetries in Nuclei
72 Kulkarni V H Studies in Wave - Particle Interactions
73 Muralikrishna P Morphology of the Elecrojet
74 Vyas N K Studies of Low Frequency Instabilities in a Collosoonless Plasma
Year 1976
75 Bujarbarua S Parametric Interaction of Waves in a Magnetized Plasma
76 Chaturvedi P K Linar and Non - linear Theory of Ionospheric Irregularities
77 Dhar A K Deformed cofiguration Mixing Shell Model Studies of the 1f - 2p Shell Nuclei
78 Gandhi V H Some Problems in Terrestrial Magnetism
79 Goswami B N Nonlinear Waves in Dispersive Media and Current Driven Instabilities in Magnetoplasma
80 Guzdar P N Parametric Interaction of Waves in a Magnetized Plasmas
81 Iyer K N Studies of Geomagnetism and Ionosphere at Low Latitudes
82 Jain R K Instabilities in Ionospheric Plasma
83 Sampath S Studies of the Equatorial Electrojet (In - Situ Measurements of Magnetic and Electric Fields)
84 Satya Y S Modification of Low Frequency Waves by Oscillating Fialds
85 Sehra P S Atomospheric Stucture : Exploration Over Antarctica and Interhemispheric Comparison
86 Sharma A S Non - Linear Dispersive Wave and Modulation Plasma
87 Sharma P Investigation on the Equatorial Ionospheric Phenomena
88 Sinha H S S Studies in Equatorial Aeronomy
89 Venkataramiah S Measures for Hartree-Fock States and Hamiltonian Operators and a New Variational Method in the Study of Nuclei
Year 1977
90 Anandarao B G Studies on the Dynamic of the Equatorial Ionosphere
91 Goswami J N Nuclear Tracks in Extraterrestrial Silicate Grains
92 Kamble V B Spectroscopy of Light Nuclei with Skyrma - Type Interaction
93 Majmudar N H Study of the Upper Atmosphere with OH and Other Airglow Emissions
94 Pradhan S N Aeronomic Studies of Lower Ionosphere at Low Latitudes
95 Sawant H S Studies in Solar - Terrestrial Physics
96 Sinha M Plasma Instabilities & their nonlinear Stabilization
Year 1978
97 Bhandari S M Structure of Radio Sources From Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS)
Year 1979
98 Ahalpara D P Study of Collective bands of hole states in nuclei with N,Z< 28 & of high spin states in nuclei with N=28 & 29
99 Bhttacharya S K Cosmic Ray Characteristics Based on Induced Radioactivity in Lunar Samples and Meteorites
100 Bora D Some Studies in Single Particle & Plasma Confinements in Magnetic MirrorInvestigations in x-ray astronomy
101 Jain A K Investigations in x-ray astronomy
102 Vats H O Irregularities in the Upper Atmosphere
103 Vyas G D Studies of Low Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities
Year 1980
104 Borole D V Radiometric and Trace Elemental Investigation on Indian Estuaries and Adjacent Seas
105 Kusumgar S Geochronology of the Palaeoclimatic Events of the Late Cenozoic Period in the Kashmir Valley
106 Mohan M Solitary Waves in Plasmas
107 Sethia G C Studies of Electron Content at Low Latitudes
Year 1981
108 Ambastha A Study of the Dynamics of Gravitational Systems
109 Krishnakumar E Photoionization of Atomized and Molecular Gases
110 Pandey R Studies in Equatorial Aeronomy
111 Potdar M B Nuclear Interactions of the Solar and Galactic Cosmic Rays with Interplanetary Meterials
112 Rao N N Studies of Non - Linear Waves in Plasmas
113 Shyam Lal Studies in Equatorial Neutral Atmosphere
114 Venkataramani N Interaction of Magnetized Plasma with Neutral Gas
115 Venkataraman R Random Matrix Theory and the Statistical Study of Complex Spectra
 Year 1982
116 Avinash Study of Instabitiies and Turbulence in Mirror Plasmas
117 Chakraborty D K Studies Concerning the Motion of Charged Particles and the Structure of Disks in Electromagnetic Fields Surrounding Copact Objects in the Framework of General Relativity
118 Chakraborty M Group Theoretic Study of Nuclear Interaction & Strength Function
119 Chandrasekhar T Spectral Studies of Astronomical Objects
120 Dash S K Stability Analysis of Indian Summer Monsoon Flow and Mechanismas of the Growth of Monsoon Depressions
121 Jain K K Studies on Interaction of a Relativistic Electron Beam with Plasma
122 Nagarhalli A M Near Infrared Photometry of some Interesting Astronomical Objects
123 Patel V P Irregularites & Movements Upper Atmosphere
124 Rajaraman T N Optical Strudies in the Upper Atmosphere (Exospheric Nighttime Temperatures From Doppler Width Measurements on 6300 A Night Airglow Line ( Not Available in Library )
125 Sharma P Implications Beryllium - 10 Measurements in Marine Sediments & Ferromanganese Nodules
Year 1983
126 Bhatt H C Astrophysical Processes in Dark Nebuale and Binary Systems
127 Dash S S Plasma Processes in Multispercives Dispersive Media
128 Hussain N Behaviour of Uranium - Thorium Series Radionuclides in Groundwaters : Application to Study Aquifer Processes
129 Jain R High Resilution Optical Observations for Monitoring Solar Activity and their Correlations with Solar Radio Observations and Other Solar Terrestrial Relations
130 Nautiyal C M Solar and Galactic Cosmic Ray Studies in Moon and Meteorite Samples Using Noble Gas Massspectrometric Methods
131 Patro D N Problems in Non - Equilibrium Statical Mechanics
132 Sarin M M Chemistry of Major Elements and Uranium - Thorium Series Nuclides in Indian Rivers
133 Sridharan R Studies in the Composition of the Upper Atmosphere
Year 1984
134 Ajai Kumar Laboratory Studies of After - Glow Spectra for Molecular Gases
135 Basu Aparna Low Frequency Plasma Waves in a Magnetic Field : Instabilities, Turbulent Diffusion and Spectra
136 Choudhary A K Precambrian Geochronology of Rajasthan, Western India
137 Iyengar A N S Nonlinear Processes in Plasma
138 Jha R Nuclear Track Studies of Thermal History of Meteorites Experienced During Atmospheric Ablation
139 Krishnamurthy R V Stable Isotope Studies on Sedimentary Deposits and Ground Waters and Their Climatic Implications
140 Ramesh R Stable isotope Systematics in Plant Cellulose : Implications to Past Climate
Year 1985
141 Baskaran M Radiometic, Mineralogical and Trace Elemental Studies of the Saurashtra Quaternary Carbonate Deposits : Implications to Their Age and Origin
142 Gupta R Studies in the Energetics and Dynamics of the Upper Atmosphere at Low Latitudes
143 Jayaraman A Study of Atmospheric Minor Constituents Using  Rocketborne Techniques
144 Pal S Studies in Equatorial Aeronomy
145 Sahu K C High Resolution Fabry - Perot Spectroscopy of Astronomical Objects in Emission

Year 1986

146 Krishnamurthi U Kinetic of the Bennett Equilibrium
147 Sengupta D Cosmic Ray Induced Thermoluminescence in Moon Meteorites and Terrestrial Dating Applications

Year 1987

148 Kar Chitra A Study of Some Nonlinear Interactions of Kinetic Alfven Waves
149 Subramanian  K P Measurement of Electron - Atom Scattering Cross Section at Low Energies By Photoeletron Spectroscopy

 Year 1988

150 Choudhary  D P Spectroscopic Study of Comets with Special Reference to Halley's Comet
151 Nair O Observations of Night Airgolw at MT.ABU & Their Discussion
152 Narayan A Rocket & Balloon Studies of Middle Atmospheric Electrodynamics in the Low Latitudes
153 Pande K Isotopic and Chemical Studies of Ultramatic Nodules in Alkali Basalts from Kutch Western India
154 Rawat S P S Motion of Charged Particles in Periodic Magnetic Fields
155 Reddy D C Studies on High Current Electron Rings in a Toroidal Device
156 Sharma A K Studies of Interplanetary Medium Using Interplanetary Scintillation
157 Vijaya Sankar M K Studies on the Effect Self Fields on the Propagation of Relativistic Electron Beams
158 Vinodkumar P C Study of Colour Confinement Model for QCD

Year 1989

159 Beig Gufranullah Some Experimjental and Theoretical Studies of Electrical and Dynamical Parameters of the Middle Atmosphere
160 Bhaskaran P Dynamics of Plasma Disks Around Compact Objects
161 Pandey B P Studies of the Dynamics of Magnetized Gravitating Disk
162 Sarkar A Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes in India Ocean Sediments and Their Palaecoclimatic Implications

Year 1990

163 Banerjee  D P K Kinematic Studies Of Extended Objects in Astrophysics Using High-Resolution Spectroscopy
164 Sen  A K Photopolarimetic Studies of Compet  P / Halley and Some Astronomical Objects
165 Sekar R Plasma Instabillities and the Dynamics of the  Eqatorial F - Region
166 Sharadini Rath Study of Nonliner Structures in Magnetised Plasmas
167 Syed M.A. Neutral and Ionic Fluorescence of Molecular Gases by Photon Impact
168 Trivedi J R Geochronological  Studies of Himalayan Granitoids

Year 1991

169 Choudhury  D Fermion Masses and Mixing
170 Dutta , Anjan Studies of Low Energy Anomalous &Galactic Cosmic Rays in Near-Earth-Space
171 Durga D Y Some Studies in the sdg Interacting Boson Model of Atomic Nuclei
172 Krishnakumar  V Instability  Studies of Monsoon and Equatorial Flows
173 Tripathy  S C Plasma Magnetosphere Around Compact Objects
174 Padmanabhan J Measurements of Compact Radio Source Size and Structure of Cometary ion Tails using Interplanetry Scintillation at 103 MHZ
175 Mathew  K J Xenon Production Cross-Sections on Barium Targets by Energetic Protons From  Accelerators and Simulation Experiments on Model  Meteoroids
176 Vijayakumar K B Study of N - N Interaction with Confinement Model for QCD (Not Available)
177 Virbhadra K S Spin Precession of Charged Particles and Energy  and  Angular Momentum in Curved Spacetime (Not Available)

Year 1992

178 Raju K P High Resolution Interferometry Objects
179 Sarangi  Subrata Microscopic Basis for IBM Study of Vibrational Rotational Nuclei

Year 1993

180 Chakraborty  S Environmental Significance of  Isotopic and Elemental Variation in Banded Corals
181 Ganguly A K Production and pre-equilibrium evolution of quark gluon plasma
182 Gurubaran S Investigation in Low Ionosphere- Thermosphere System
183 Krishnan R Dynamic of Large Scale Heat Induced Circulation in the Tropical Atmosphere
184 Srivastava Nandita Dynamic Phenomena on the Sun

Year 1994

185 Brahmachari B Constraints on unified theories in the light of new experimental results
186 Chakraborty H S Some Studies of Electron-Atom Inelastic Collision and High Energy Electron Capture
187 Lal Manohar Some Studies on Minor Neutral Constituents of the Middle ATM
188 Majumdar D Nuclear Level Densities and Other Statistical Quantities with Interactions in Spectral Averaging Theory
189 Rathore S S Geochronological Studies of Malani  Volcanics and Associated Igneous Rocks of Southwest Rajasthan,India : Implications to Crustal Evolution
190 Samal M K Some Studies in Standard Model and Beyond
191 Seema P Kinematic Studies of Extended Astronomical Objects
192 Srinivasan G Ion Microprobe Isotopic Studies of Ca-AI - rich Inclusions from Primitive Meteorite (Not Available)

Year 1995

193 Ramchandran S Aerosols in the Tropical Middle Atmosphere
194 Mehta Mitaxi P Some Investigation in Time Dependent Canonical Perturbation Theory
195 Yadav D Chemical & Isotopic Studies in Coastal Areas of the Arabian Sea & Saline Lakes of Rajasthan, India

 Year 1996

196 Banerjee Debabrata New Applications of Thermo luminescence
197 Banerjee Devashis Structure of Magneto Fluid Disk Around a Compact Object
198 Pallam R D Studies of Daytime Upper Atmosphere Phenomena Using Ground Based Optical Techniques
199 Prahalad V Photoabsorption Studies of Molecules at Different Temperatures
200 Prasad Sushma Late Quaternary Palaeoenvironment and Evolution of NAL Region, Gujarat,india
201 Ragland S  Photometric Studies in Infrared Astronomy
202 Rao S Studies on Physical Basis of Luminescence Geochronology & its Applications
203 Sheel V Vacuum Structure in QCD & Hadronic Correlators

 Year 1997

204 Chakraborty A G Dynamics of Astrophysics Nebulae
205 Dutta G Physics Beyond Standard Model and Horizontal Symmetries
206 Gupta Anshu Studies of Fluid Distribution with Magnetic Fields, an Analysis of Ultra Compact Objects with Centrifugal Force  Reversal
207 Naja M Troposoheric Chemistry in the Tropics
208 Patra  P K Study of Trace Gases in the Tropical Region
209 Poulose P Signatures of CP Violation and Physics Beyond the Standard Model
210 Ray J S Stable and Radioisotopic Constraints on the Evolution of Mesozoic Carbonatite - Alkaline Complexes of India
211 Sahijpal S Isotopic Studies of the Early Solar System Objects in Meteorites by an Ion Microprobe
212 Santhanam M S Some Studies on Chaotic Quantum Systems

Year 1998

213 Acharya Y B Investigations on Logarithmic Current Electrometer Using Light Emitting Diodes
214 Mathew S K A Study of Solar Magnetic and Velocity Fields
215 Mohapatra R K Study of the Abundance and Isotopic Composition of Nitrogen in Earth's Mantle
216 Pant T K Study of the Thermosphere - Ionosphere Coupling Under Varying Geophysical Conditions
217 Raizada Shikha Ionospheric Irregularities in the F-Region at Low Latitudes
218 Rawat P Measurement of Electron Scattering Cross Sections of Molecules at Low Energies
219 Sivakumaran V Fluorescence and Radiative Life Time Studies of Molecules Using Laser
220 Thomas B Studies of Tropical and Monsoon Circulations and their Variability Using an Atmospheric General Circulation Model
221 Wanare H New Trapping States and Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Effects in Coherently Driven Systems
222 Watson P V Photometric Studies of Close Binary Systems

Year 1999

223 Chitre Aparna Photometric Studies of Star Burst Galaxies
224 Kamath U S Studies of Classical Novae and Related Objects
225 Muthumariappan C Spectroscopic Investigations of Planetary Nebulae
226 Nandakumar M S Near Infrared Investigations on Regions of Star Formation
227 Singh S K Isotopic and Geochemical Studies of the Lesser Himalayan Sediments
228 Tej Anandmayee Lunar Occultation Studies in the Near Infrared

Year 2000

229 Ghosh P Isotopic and Elemental Studies of Gondawana Carbonates and their Implications
230 Jagadheesha D Palaeoclimate Simulation Studies of the India Monsoon
231 Menon S New Coherence Effects in Systems with Degenerate Levels Driven by Intense Laser Fields
232 Vempati S Studies in Topics Going Beyond The Standard Electroweak Model

Year 2001

233 Agnihotri R Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Sendiments from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal
234 Bhutani R 40Ar-39Ar Thermochronological Study of the Trans Himalaya in Ladakh Sector, India
235 Dalai T K Major Ions, Stable Isotopes, 87Sr/86Sr and Re in the Headwatersof the Yamuna :Implications to Chemical Weathering in the Himalaya
236 Dutta K Study of Marine Processes in the Northern Indian Ocean Using Radiocarbon
237 Kherani E A Investigations of Equatorial F-region Plasma Instabilities Under Different Background Conditions
238 Marhas K Isotopic Studies of Refractory Phases in Primitive Meteorite by an Ion Microprobe
239 Patnaik A K Novel Optical Phenomena Induced by External Control Lasers
240 Rai V K Nitrogen Isotopic  Systematics in Ureilites
241 Sankaranarayanan R Studies on Time Dependent and Stationary Classically Chaotic Quantum Systems
242 Taori A K Investigation in the Low Latitude Daytime Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere Region

Year 2002

243 Arun R Dynamics of Cold Atoms in High Quality Cavities
244 Chakraborty S Anomalous Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes in Photochemical Reactions
245 Chand D Study of Trace Gases in the Tropical Troposphere
246 Yadava  M G Stable Isotope Systematics in Cave Calcites : Implications to Past Climatic Changes in Tropical India
247 Vaidya R D Some Studies in Violation of Symmetry Principles in Particle Physics

Year 2004

248 Bandyopadhyay J Studies in Quantum Chaos : Entanglement, Decoherence and All that
249 Basu S Nitrogen and Noble Gases in Carbonatites of India
250 Biswas Asoka Methods for Efficient Population Transfer and Quantum Logic Gates
251 Dasgupta S Studies in Coherent Control of Optical Processes
252 Dey T N Subluminal and Superluminal Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields
253 Jalan S Some Studies of Growing Networks with Non-Linear Dynamical Elements
254 Kumar S Biogeochmistry of Nitrogen Istopes in Northern India Ocean
255 Mondal S High Angular Resolution Studies of Late-type Stars by Lunar Occultations in the Near-Infrared
256 Rajesh S Studies on the Bay of Bengal Oceanic Lithosphere based on satellite Altimeter - Derived Geoid and Gravity Data
257 Ravindra B Evolution of Magnetic Fields in the Solar Atmosphere
258 Rengarajan R Radium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements in Indian Rivers and the Bay of Bengal
259 Sahu LK Ozone and Related Gases in the Lower Atmosphere
260 Sanyal P Isotpe Geochemistry of Siwalik Sediments and signature of Past Climate Change

Year 2005

261 Das A Geochemical and Isotopic Studies of Rivers Draining Dececan basalts
262 Gadhavi H Experimental Investigation of Aerosol Properties and Modelling of its Impact on Radiation Budget
263 Jaiswal M K Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Fluvial Sediments: Applications and Implications to Paleoseismology and Paleoclimatology
264 Rastogi N Environmental Radionuclides and Chemical Constituents in Rain and Aerosols: Biogeochemical Sources and Temporal Variations
265 Shreecharan T Studies on Noncommutative Field Theories
266 Tiwari M Quaternary Geochronology and Palaeoclimatology of the Indian Ocean

 Year 2006

267 Deshpande R D Groundwater in and Cambay Basin, Gujarat: Some Geochemical and Isotopic Investigations
268 Ganguly D Observational study of urban aerosols : Long range transport and estimation of their radiative forcing
269 Mayya B K Characterization of Chaotic and Nonlinear Time Series
270 Pathak P K Multiparticle entanglement and interference in cavity quantum electrodynamics
271 Roychowdhury S Interferometric investigation of optical beams with phase singularities

 Year 2007

272 Antra Mass independent isotopic enrichment in ozone and its transfer to other molecules through exchange
273 Chakrabarty D Investigations on the F regions of the ionosphere over low latitudes using optical, radio and simulation techniques
274 Das J P Laser probe mass spectrometric study of nitrogen and noble gases in individual chondrules from different classes of chondrites
275 Ghosh Suranjana Fractional Revivals in Quantum Systems and their Applications
276 Gowda R N Isotopic Studies on Evolution of Earl Solar Syatem Objects by Ion Microprobe
277 Morthekai P Investigations on the radiation dose distribution in natural environment and their implications in luminescence chronology
278 Nagar Y C Methodological aspects of radiation dosimetry of natural radiation environment using luminescence techniques : New minerals and applications
279 Patel Bhavesh G Spectroscopic studies and characterization of laser produced plasmas
280 Roy Utpal Solitons in non-linear media and their coherent control
281 Sharma Vandana Momentum Spectroscopic studies of Atomic and Molecular lonisation
282 Gosain Sanjay Polarimetric Studies of the Solar Atmosphere
283 Kumar B Study of Inhomogeneities in the Solar Atmosphere

Year 2008

284 Murari M.K. Component Specific Luminescence of Natural Minerals and their Application to the  Dosimetry of Nature Radiation Environment
285 Satya Prakash Role of the Ocean in the Global Carbon Cycle
286 Mishra A. Study of Stellite Derived Aerosol Properties and Validation with Ground ~ Truth
287 Kota Uma Rocket Borne Studies of Mesosphere and Airglow Emissions
288 Bhushan R. Geochemical and Isotopic Studies in Sediments and Waters of the Northern Indian Ocean
289 Shilpy Study of the Vertical Distribution of Ozone in the Atmosphere
290 Das S K Observational and Theoretical Estimation of the Contribution of Anthropogenic and Natural Aerosols to Radiative Forcing of the Atmosphere
291 Rai S K Isotopic and Geochemical Studies of Ancient and Modern Sediments

 Year 2009

292 Deb Subimal Self-imaging and its application to multimode interference (MMI) and photonic bandgap devices
293 Das Ramakrishna Infrared Studies of Novae  
294 Ganesh Shashikiran Multi-Wavelength Study of the Milky Way Galaxy 
295 Kushwaha Rajesh Kumar Study of Fragmentation dynamics of Polyatomic molecules
296 Mahata Sasadhar Investigation of Mass Independent isotopic Fractionation in Photochemical Reactiors
297 Managave S. R. High resolution monsoon reconstruction using oxygen isotopes in teak trees
298 Mishra R K Records of Now-Extinct Short-Lived Nuclides in Early Solar System Objects:An Ion Microprobe Study
299 Noutiyal Akhilesh Imprint of Pre-inflation Universe From Signatures in the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Spectrum
300 Sharma S K Lidar Studies of Middle Atmospheric Density and Temperature Structures Over Mount Abu
301 Singh Santosh Kumar Neutrino Masses And Leptogenesis
302 Srivastava R Stable Isotpe Syudies of Atmospheric Water Vapour and Clouds
303 Tiwari Sanjiv Kumar Helicity of the Solar Magnetic Field

Year 2010

304 Dewangan L K Multi-Wavelength Investigations on Galactic Star Forming Regions
305 Gandhi  N Carbon Fixation in the Hydrosphere : Quantification for the Indian Region Usining 13C & 15N Isotopes
306 Kedia Sumita Regional and Seasonal Differences in Aerosol Radiative Forcing Over India and Adjoining Oceanic Regions
307 Kumar Ashwini Chemical Characterization of Mineral Aerosols : Sources , Transport and Atmospheric Transformations
308 Louis R E Study of Small Scale Processes on the Sun using High Resolution Techniques
309 Maurya R A Study of Oscillations in Solar Active Regions
310 Ram  K Carbonaceous Species in Atmospheric Aerosols:Sources and Temporal Variablity
311 Sarkhel Sumanta Upper Atmospheric Investigations using Radio and Optical Techniques
312 Silotri S A Pairing in degenerate fermi gases
313 Srivastava Shuchita Study of Trace Gases and Related Meteorological Parameters in Lower Atmosphere
314 Waliur R Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Estuaries and the Ganga Basin Sediments
Year 2011
315 Banerjee S B Studies of Low Latitude Inospheric Phenomena
316 Chatterjee B A Field Theoretic Study of Matter Under Extreme Conditions
317 Chauhan N Spatial Distribution of Environmental Dose for Luminescence Dosimetry: Theoretical Estimation and Applications
318 Das Suratna Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Phenomenology of Early Universe
319 Francis Timmy Atmospheric Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphate Aerosols : Spatial and Seasonal Variability
320 Gautam S Dynamics of Ultracold Quantum Gases in Variable Potentials
321 Joshi A D Morphology and Dynamics of Solar Prominences
322 Kodrani B P Studies of Models of Fermion Masses and Mixing
323 Kumar A Volcanological Geochemical and Isotopic Studies of Rocks from the Barren Island Volcano and Andaman Subduction
324 Kumar A First and Second Order Coherence Studies of Optical  Vortices
325 Laskar A H Stable and Radioactive Carbon in Indian Soils : Implications to Soil Carbon Dynamics
326 Mani B K Studies On the Consequences of Discrete Symmetry Violation In Atoms
327 Pabari J P Investigation of Wireless Sensor Network For In-Situ Exploration of Water Ice on the Moon
328 Pal H Directed Transport in Chaotic Hamiltonian Systems
329 Patel K Beyond the Standard Model Physics: Grand Unification & Otherwise
330 Patra Sudhanwa Beyond the Standard Model and Its Cosmological Consequences
331 Singh A Characterization of Carbon and Nitrogen Uptake by Marine Biota in the Indian Ocean
332 Sharma P Collider Signals of New Physics Beyond the Standard Model
333 Shukla AD Geochemical and Isotopic Studies of Some Sedimentary Sequences of the Vindhyan Supergroup ,India
334 Sreekanth V Properties of Strongly Interacting Matter Under Extreme Conditions
335 Srivastava R Spectral Aerosol Optical Depths and Radiative Forcing : Seasonal and Spatial Variations
336 Tripathy G R Isotope Geochemistry of Black Shales and Recent Marine Sediments
337 Vyas M Some studies On Two-Body Random Matrix Ensembles
Year 2012
338 Acharyya Suman Study of Synchronization in Coupled Dynamical Systems
339 Awasthi N Geochemical and Isotopic Studies of sediments from the Andaman Island and the Andaman Sea
340 Baug T Lunar Occultation Studies of Late type Stars
341 Das M Theoretical Studies of Cosmological Models in the Light of Experimental Observations
342 Goswami Vineet Spatial and temporal variations of Os, Nd, Sr isotopes and redox sensitive elements in waters and sediments of the Arabian Sea and their implications.
343 Kishore V Study of Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks
344 Prabhakar V P Propagation of Engineered Beams Through Photorefractive Materials
345 Rajput P   Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons : Indentification, Abundances And Spatio-Temporal Variation
346 Raj A Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Photometry of Novae
347 Rao Soumya Constraints on Particle Properties from Astrophysical Sources
348 Singh S P U, Re, Mo and isotopic studies of Boron in water and sediments of the northern Indian Ocean: Implications to Contemporary and Paleo-Biogeochemical processes.
349 Srinivas B Atmospheric Desposition of N, P and Fe the Northern Indian Ocean
Year 2013
350 Awasthi A K Energy Release Processes in Solar Flares
351 Basak A Inflationary scenario with Non-Standard Spinors
352 Bisoi S K Solar and Solar Wind Studies Using Ground and Space Based Observations
353 Chandra S Multi-Wavelengh Study of Variabillity in Blazars
354 Chatterjee Jayati Isptopic and Geochemical Studies of Saline- Alkaline soils, water and Sediments of Ganga river system: Implications to Erosion and Carbon cycle
355 Chattopadhyay S Quantum Electrodynamical Corrections in Atoms from Coupled Cluster Theory
356 Khan Subrata Neutrino Masses and Signatures of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
357 Mallik C Atmospheric Trace Gases:Transport and Emission Effects
358 Saha K Kinematical Analysis of Ionization and Fragmentation of Molecules
359 Saxena A K Study of Cluster Ions by Mass Spectrometry and Optical Spectroscopy
360 Pandit Vema Reddy

Study on the Characteristics of Magnetic Field Structure and Evolution of Flaring Solar Active Regions

Year 2014
361 Basak Tanushree Astro-Particle Aspects of Dark Matter Phenomemology
362 Pandey A K Dissociation Dynamics of Unstable Molecular Systems
Year 2015
363 Prabhakar S Vortices of Light and their Interaction with Matter
364 Laskar F I Effects of Lower Atmospheric and Solar Forcongs on Daytime Upper Atmospheric
365 Goel S The Study of Properties of Sunspot
366 Mishra W Evolution and Consequences of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Heliosphere
367 Venkataraman V Infrared Investigations of Circumstellar matter
368 Singh  Y Permanent Electric Dipole Moments of Closed Shell Atoms
369 Reddy S G Optical Vortices: Scattering through Random Media
370 Ghosh M Present Aspects and Future Prospects of Neutrino Mass and Oscillation
371 Bambhaniya G Signatures of Neutrino mass models in current and future experiments
372 Chakravarty G K Constraints on Particle Physics and Modified Gravity Models from Observations
373 Jassal Anjali Rao Spectral and Timing Studies of Accretion Disk in Black Hole Binaries
374 Roy A Finite Temperature Effects in the Condensates of Dilute Atomic Gases
375 Midhun M Stable Water Isotopologues in the Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
376 Lekshmy P R Stable isotopic studies on monsoon vapour/ clouds and precipitation over Kerala
377 Chandra N Tropospheric Greenhouse Gases: Emission Characteristics and Dynamical Effects
378 Nandy D K Studies Towards the Possible Temporal Variation of the Fine Structure Constant
379 Chattopadhyay T Observational Aspects of Hard X-ray Polarimetry
380 Kumar Dinesh On the Formation of  Magnetic Discontinuities in a Magnetofluid with Large Electrical Conductivity
381 Tomar G K Study of Particle Physics Models With Implication for Dark Matter and Cosmic Ray Phenomenology
382 Bhavya P S Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling in estuarin and Marine Environments
Year 2016
383 Chaturvedi P Radial Velocity Studies of Eclipsing Binary Systems
384 Kushwaha U K Multi-wavelength Investigations of Solar Eruptive Phenomena
385 Kadam G P Phenomenological studies of strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions
386 Kumar Avdhesh A Study on the Application of Dissipative Hydrodynamics to Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
387 Chaitanya N.A. Nonlinear Interaction of Structured Optical Beams
388 Swain A K Mass Determination Methods At Large Hadron Collider
389 Kumar Sanjay Magnetohydrodynamic Relaxation in Astrophysical Plasmas
390 Jaisawal G K Timing and Spectral Studies of Accretion Powered X-ray Pulsars
391 Chithrabhanu P Polarization and Orbital Angular Momentum Entanglement with Classical and Quantum Sources: Implications and Applications
392 Band S Multiproxy-paleoclimate studies in the Indian region for the past 200ka; A synthesis
393 Mondal T Constraining Physics Beyond the Standard Model in Post-Higgs Era
394 Karri D Geochemical and Isotopic studies of Waters and sediments of Arabian and Andaman Seas
395 Kumar G Decays of Hadrons Probes of the Standard Model and Beyond
396 Hati C Physics Beyond the Standard Model, LHC, and Cosmology
397 Suthar K Binary Mixtures of Ultracold Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices
Year 2017
398 Bhallla P Electronic Transport Properties of Materials: the Memory Function Approach  
399 Sikdar J Study on Non-Traditional Isotopes in Meteorites: Implications to Core Formation and Planetary Differentiation  
400 Nath N Phenomenological Aspects of Neutrino Masses, Mixings, and Oscillations
401 Rout D Investigations of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System under Varying Space Weather Conditions
402 Yadav R Spectropolarimetric Studies of Sunspot and its Fine-structure
403 Pandey A K Origin and Dynamic of the Primordial magnetic Field in a Parity Violating Plasma
404 Karan D K Investigations of Daytime Thermospheric Wave Dynamics Over Low-Latitudes Using Ground-Based Optical Techniques
405 Gautam I Sm-Nd Isotopic Systematics of Continental Igneous Rocks of India : Implications for the Early Evolution of the Silicate Earth
406 George B G Evolution of the Proterozoic Sedimentary Basins of India : A Geochemical Perspective
407 Singh R P Investigations of Interactions in The Earth's Upper Atmosphere Using Optical and Radio Wave Techniques
408 Kaur N Understanding the Structure and Emission Process in AGN Using Blazar Variability
Year 2018
409 Tiwary A R Measurement of Solar Magnetic Fields : Development of a Polarimeter for Multi-application Solar Telescope
410 M A Ali Anwar Characterization of Quantum Sources of Light Generated by Parametric Down Conversion Process
411 Mukherjee R Biogeochemical study of aquatic ecosystems of India
412 Pandey K R Investigations on Ionospheric Electrodynamics over Low Latitudes in Indian Sector
413 Panda D K Devlopment of scintillation Gamma Ray Spectrometers for Planetary Missions and Methodological Investigations of Infrared Stimulated Luminescence Signals from Feldspars
414 Rajesh T A Spatio-temporal variations in aerosol properties over western India
415 Chinni v

Distributions of Dissolved Iron and Zinc in The Indian Ocean: Implications to Their Sources, Sinks and Internal Cyclin

416 Epili Prahlad Investigation of the Properties of X-Ray Pulsars During Outbursts
417 Kumar R V S Characteristics of Brown Carbon Present in Ambient Aerosols Over Different Regions in India
418 Chandana R K Reconstruction of Paleoclimatic History of the northern Indian Ocean using isotopic and geochemical proxies
419 Rukmani B Synthetic Magnetic Fields and Multi-Component BECs In Optical Lattices
Year 2019
420 Venkataramani K Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Minor Bodies of The Solar System
421 Sharma Niharika Biogeochemical Cycling of Nitrogen in Terrestrial Ecosystems of India
422 Patel Anilbhai A Msoxidative Potential of Ambient Aerosols Over Different Regions in India
423 Vishnudath K Some Aspects of Low Scale Seesaw Models
424 Pullabhatla K Palemonsoon Reconstruction Using Marine Proxies of the Indian Ocean
425 Shah S Y Chemistry and Modeling of Lower Atmosphere of Mars
426 Modak A Ion-Neutral Structure of the Lower Atmosphere of Mars
427 Chauhan B Test of New Physics at Neutrino Telescopes
428 Abhishek A Matter under Extreme conditions and Trasport Coefficients of Hot and Dense matter
Year 2020
429 Sarkar R Solar Origin of Space Weather
430 Singh  B Dynamics of Heavy Quark in Medium
431 Bharadwaj A Probing New Physics With Hadronic Final States at the Large Hadron Collider
432 Shefali U An Investigation of Martian Dust Devil Characteristics
433 Oza H Understanding Hydrometeorological Processes Concerning Indian Precipitation: Insights from Oxygen and Hydrogen Stable Isotopes in Conjunction with Meteorological Parameters
434 Kumar P Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Utilising Synthetic Spectrum Method for Optically Thick Plasmas
435 Jethwa M Investigation of Thermal Emission from Lower Atmosphere of Mars
436 Gupta S Understanding the Properties of Accretion Powered Be/X-ray Binary Pulsars
437 Raj H High Resolution Paleoclimatic Study Using Corals
438 Chakraborty K Phenomenology of Neutrino Oscillations and Masses
439 Tripathi N Emission and Atmospheric Variability of Volatile Organic Compounds Over the Indian Subcontinent and Surrounding Oceanic Regions
440 Narang A Aspects of Astroparticle Physics in the Precision Measurment Era
441 Arya R Warm Inflationary Universe at the Large and the Small Scales
442 Mandal S Daytime thermospheric neutral wave dynamics over low and equatorial-latitudes
443 Rai A Infrared Astronomical Instrumentation and Polarisation Studies
444 Aarthy E Multiwavelength Polarimetry of Astrophysical Sources
445 Kushwaha R K Infrared and Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Intersteller Icy Mantles
Year 2021
446 Singh N D Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Aluminium and Manganese in the Indian Ocean
447 Nayak S S Magnetic Field and Electric Current in the Solar Atmosphere
448 Harish Insights Into The Geological History of Mars Through Impat Craters
449 Parashari P Probing New Physics with Cosmological Observations
450 Sahoo  Deepika Non-Red eldian C:N:P ratios in the inorganic and organic pools of the northern Indian Ocean


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