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Last Update
  24 Jan, 2022

PRL Library is the treasure house of knowledge showcasing the best collection of books, periodicals and other non book material from all corners of the world in Astronomy, Geosciences, Planetary Sciences, Space Sciences, Solar Physics and Theoretical Physics. The Library is the backbone of the Institute and has multifaceted approach to managing print, digital, and audio-visual material in a seamless manner.  It plays a vital role in knowledge capacity building and research skills development at PRL.

The Library has access to full-text databases like AGU Digital Library, GSA Archive, Nature archive (access from 1987), PROLA, Science Archive, SPIE Digital Library and IEEE Digital Library. It gives links to 180 online journals out of the 194 journals subscribed by the library.The PRL Library maintains an institutional repository which consists of journal articles published by the PRL authors from 1990 to present and is also linked through the Library homepage.  All the PRL theses from 1952 onwards (423) are now available full text for PRL users.  All the Technical Notes since 1977, published by PRL have been digitized (109) and are available full text for PRL users.