Dr. Girjesh R Gupta

Assistant Professor
Udaipur Solar Observatory
Physical Research Laboratory
Dept. of Space, Govt. of India
E-mail: girjesh AT
Telephone: +91-294-2457218

Research Interests

  • Heating of solar corona and transition region
  • Propagation and dissipation of MHD waves in the solar atmosphere
  • Small-scale transients in the solar atmosphere
  • Dynamics of solar chromosphere, transition region and corona
  • Solar UV and EUV spectroscopy
  • Imaging and spectroscopic instrumentations

Academic Qualifications

  • 2011     Ph.D. (Physics)     I.I.A., Bangalore under Joint Astronomy Program (JAP), I.I.Sc., Bangalore
  • 2005     M.Sc. (Physics)     Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai
  • 2003     B.Sc. (Physics)     University of Mumbai, Mumbai
  • 2000     H.S.C. (Science)   Maharashtra State Board, Mumbai

Professional Experience

  • Oct 2018--Present      Assistant Professor      Physical Research Laboratory
  • March 2018--Sept 2018    Rutherford Fellow        University of Cambridge
  • Sept 2013--March 2018    DST-INSPIRE Faculty      IUCAA, Pune
  • Aug 2011--Aug 2013      Post-Doctoral Fellow       MPS, Goettingen


  • Awarded Rutherford Fellowship 2018 tenable at the University of Cambridge by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission for 23 months.
  • Awarded the Parvez Guzdar Young Scientist Award 2017 instituted by the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Bhat, Gandhinagar.
  • Awarded the Justice Oak Best Thesis Award for the year 2011 by Astronomical Society of India (ASI) at 32nd meeting of ASI, 20--22 March, 2014, IISER, Mohali.
  • Awarded INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, 2013 (Session-I).
  • Awarded best poster presentation in 'From the Heliosphere into the Sun' conference, 2012, Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef, Germany.
  • Awarded best poster presentation in the meeting of Astronomical Society of India-2009.
  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (NET-JRF Dec-2004) conducted by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India.
  • Qualified National Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2005) in Physics with all India rank 13th and percentile 99.61.
  • Qualified National Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST-2005) in Physical Sciences with percentile 97.25.

Recent Publications

  1. Spectroscopic and imaging observations of transient hot and cool loops by IRIS and SDO
    Gupta, Girjesh R., Nayak, Sushree, 2022, MNRAS, In Press, arXiv:2203.03529
  2. Hinode EIS line widths in the quiet corona up to 1.5 Rsun
    Del Zanna, G., Gupta, G. R., Mason, H. E., 2019, A&A, 631, 163, arXiv:1905.09783
  3. Exploring the damping of Alfvén waves along a long off-limb coronal loop, up to 1.4 Rsun
    Gupta, G. R., Del Zanna, G., Mason, H. E., 2019, A&A, 627, 62, arXiv:1905.08194
  4. Observation and Modeling of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Coronal Loop Related to Active Region Transient Brightening
    Gupta, G. R., Sarkar, A., Tripathi, D., 2018, ApJ, 857, 137, arXiv:1803.11172
  5. Direct observations of different sunspot waves influenced by umbral flashes
    Sharma, A., Gupta, G. R., Tripathi, D., Kashyap, V., Pathak, A., 2017, ApJ, 850, 206, arXiv:1710.08438
  6. Spectroscopic evidence of Alfvén wave damping in the off-limb solar corona
    Gupta, G. R., 2017, ApJ, 836, 4, arXiv:1612.09551

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