Dr. Dwijesh Ray
Associate Professor

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +91-79-2631 4533

Research Interests

  • Earth and Planetary Materials
  • Terrestrial Impact Craters
  • Geochemistry of Planetary Crusts
  • Terrestrial Analogues to Moon and Mars
  • Academic Qualifications

  • B.Sc in Geology (Hons), Calcutta University
  • M.Sc. in Geology, Calcutta University
  • PhD in Science (Geology) CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Goa and Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Awards/ Recognitions

  • 2008: Asiatic Society medal in recognition for significant contribution in Economic Geology
  • 2006-’07: French Sandwich Ph.D. fellowship by French Embassy in India to work at IPG-Paris
  • 2005: InterRidge Outstanding Student Award
  • 2001: CSIR-UGC NET
  • Recent Publications

  • Ray, D. et al. 2021. Hematite concretions from Jhuran (Jurassic) sandstone: Implications for sedimentary diagenesis and analogy to blueberries on Mars. Planetary and Space Science 197, doi:
  • Ray, D. et al. 2020. Iron-nickel metallic components bearing silicate-melts and coesite from Ramgarh impact structure, west central India: Possible identification of impactor. Journal of Earth System Science, doi:
  • Majumdar, A.S., Ray, D. and Shukla, A.D. 2020. Serpentinization of olivine–gabbro in Central Indian ridge: Insights into H2 production during alteration in lower oceanic crust and sustenance of life at slow–spreading ridges. Lithos 374-375, doi:
  • Sinha, R.K., Ray, D. et al. 2020. Global documentation of overlapping lobate deposits in Martian gullies. Icarus,
  • Ray, D., et al. 2019. Shock-thermal history of the Agoudal (IIAB) meteorite from microstructural studies. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, v. 54, 3082-3088, doi: 10.1111/maps.13399.
  • Ray, D. and Shukla, A.D. 2018. The Mukundpura meteorite, a new fall of CM chondrite, Planetary and Space Science 151, 149-154, doi: 10.1016/j.pss.2017.11.005.
  • Ray, D., Mahajan, R.R., Shukla, A.D., Goswami, T. and Chakrabarty, S. 2017a. Petrography, classification, oxygen isotopes, noble gases and cosmogenic records of Kamargaon (L6) Meteorite: the latest fall in India. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, doi: 10.1111/maps.12875.
  • Ray, D., Upadhyay, D., Misra, S., Newsom, H.E., Ghosh, S. 2017b. New insights on petrography and geochemistry of impactites from the Lonar crater, India. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, doi: 10.1111/maps.12881.
  • Ray, D., Ghosh, S. and Murty, S.V.S. 2016a. On possible origin of troilite metal nodules in the Katol chondrite. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, doi:10.1111/maps.12742.
  • Murty, S.V.S., Ranjith Kumar, P.M., Ray, D., Ghosh, S., Chattopadhyay, B. and Shrivastava, K.L. 2016b. Microstructures, mineral chemistry, noble gases and nitrogen in the recent fall Bhuka iron (IAB) meteorite. Planetary and Space Science, 131, 119-127.
  • Ghosh, S., Ray, D. and Murty, S.V.S. 2016c. Raghunathpura: An early crystallized IIAB iron with sulphide micro nodules. Advances in Space Research 58, 1879-1892.
  • Ray, D., Ghosh, S. and Murty, S.V.S. 2015a. Shock-thermal history of Kavarpura IVA iron: Evidences from microtextutres and Ni profiling. Planetary and Space Science, 117, 136-145.
  • Courses Taught:

    Planetary Geology, Terrestrial Impact Craters, Differentiated Asteroids, Geochemistry