Dr Bhalamurugan Sivaraman

Associate Professor,
Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Division
Telephone: +91-79-2631-4558

Research Interests

Astrochemical Ices Database

Link to Astrochemical ices database (VUV data uploaded)
Link to SUP@VAMDC India Portal(Test Page).

Astrochemistry Society of India

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Major result in Origin of life research

    Complex macroscale structures observed in shock processed aminoacids and nucleobases. Surendra et al.,in arXiv(2019).

Unusual Result

    Qualitative observation of reversible phase change in astrochemical ethanethiol ices using infrared spectroscopy. S Pavithraa et al., Short Comm, Spectrochimica Acta:Part A Molecular Biomolecular Spectroscopy (2017).

    Publications (*representative)

    1. *Vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption of nitrile ices for their identification on Pluto. B Sivaraman et al. The Astrophysical Journal (2016).
    2. *Benzene formation on interstellar icy mantles containing propargyl alcohol, B Sivaraman et al., The Astrophysical Journal, 2015
    3. *Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoabsorption of Interstellar Icy Thiols, R G Bhuin, B Sivaraman et al., Journal of Chemical Physics - Communications, 2014
    4. *Thio residue from thermal processing of cometary ices containing carbon disulfide and ammonia, R Rabin, S Pavithraa.... and B Sivaraman et al., Advances in Space Research (2016). [First article from PRL 10 K system]
    5. *Electron Impact Dissociation of Carbon dioxide-Carbon disulphide Ice Analog and its Implications on the Identification of Carbon disulphide on Moon, B Sivaraman. Journal of Chemical Sciences (2016).
    6. *Vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption of pure solid ozone and its implication on the identification of ozone on Moon. B. Sivaraman et al., Chemical Physics Letters, 33-36 (603) 2014.
    7. *Exposed Amorphous Water ice on Comet 49P / Arend-Rigaux. B Sivaraman et al. Advances in Space Research (2015).
    8. Infrared Spectra and Chemical Abundance of Methyl propionate in Interstellar Icy Conditions. B Sivaraman et al.Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society (2015).
    9. Theoretical study of the infrared frequencies of crystalline methyl acetate under interstellar medium conditions. Radhika N, G Gopakumar, B Sivaraman et al. Accepted in Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (2015)
    10. Various forms of methyl acetate in the interstellar medium, A Das..... B Sivaraman, et al. The Astrophysical Journal (2015).
    11. Interaction of acetonitrile with water-ice: An infrared spectroscopic study, R G Bhuin, R R Methikkalam, B Sivaraman, T Pradeep.Journal of Physical Chemistry (2015).
    12. Electron impact dissociation of amorphous cis-methyl acetate ice analogs. B Sivaraman et al., Chemical Physics Letters, 2014
    13. Electron impact dissociation and VUV photoabsorption of frozen formamide. B. Sivaraman et al., Chemical Physics Letters, 2014
    14. *Vacuum Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectroscopy of Condensed Methyl acetate on Cold Astrochemical Ice Analogs. B Sivaraman, et al. The Astrophysical Journal, 778:157 (5pp) 2013.
    15. *Ozone and carbon trioxide synthesis by low energy ion irradiation on to solid carbon dioxide and implications to astrochemistry, Journal of Chemical Physics (2013)
    16. Infrared spectrum of formamide in the solid phase, B. Sivaraman et al,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 105 (2013) 238-244
    17. VUV spectroscopy of formamide ices, B. Sivaraman et al, Chemical Physics Letters, 554 (2012) 57-59
    18. *On the electron-induced isotope fractionation in low temperature (32)O(2)/(36)O(2) ices-ozone as a case study, B. Sivaraman et al., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (2011) 421-7
    19. *Electron irradiation of solid nitrous oxide, B. Sivaraman et al, Chemical Physics Letters, 460 (2008) 108-111
    20. *Temperature-dependent Formation of Ozone in Solid Oxygen by 5 keV Electron Irradiation and Implications for Solar System Ices, B. Sivaraman et al., Astrophysical Journal 669 (2007) 1414
    21. (not the full list)

      Under review / Accepted

      Identification of a unique band of carbonic acid for its identification in irradiation and thermal processed water-carbon dioxide ices in the solar system, Pavithraa et al.. Accepted in Spectrochimica Acta Part A (2019)
      Infrared attenuation due to phase change from amorphous to crystalline observed in astrochemical propargyl ether ices, K K Rahul et al.. Accepted in Spectrochimica Acta Part A (2019)

      Other articles

      Pluto analogs - Colder and closer, I Varatharajan and B Sivaraman, Astrochemistry Letters, 9 (1) 2015.
      Astrochemistry on Icy Mantles, Planex Newsletter, 3, 4, Oct (2013) 15.
      Meteorite or Meteorwrong, Scientific Correspondence, B Sivaraman et al., Current Science,103, 12 (2012) 1404


      Prof N. J. Mason, School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent, UK.
      Dr. Bing Ming-Cheng, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Centre, Taiwan.
      Dr. B. N. Raja Sekhar, Indus-1 Synchrotron, RRCAT, India.
      Prof. Sylwia Ptasinska, Radiation Research Laboratory, University of Notredame, USA.
      Prof. H Hill, International Space University, France.

      - VUV spectroscopy of astrochemical ice analogs are carried out in synchrotron facilities.


      *Visiting Lecturer, International Space University, France.
      *Visiting Research Fellow, Astrochemistry group, CEPSAR (Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research), The Open University, UK.

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