Kiran S. Baliyan

Professor and Chairman,
Astronomy and Astrophysics Division
Physical Research Laboratory

Telephone: +91-79-2631-4509, 4757

My current research interests include:

Variability in flux and polarization is used to understand the physical processes responsible for the extremely high energy emissions from the active galactic nuclei. The observations are made on blazars, a subclass of AGNs in which the emission is dominated by the radiation from the relativistic jet, using NICMOS-3 (near infrared), CCD and polarimeter (optical) mounted at the 1.2 m telescope of the Mt. Abu Infrared Observatory. In the study of the Milky way, attempts are being made to know the various stellar populations and detailed structure of the galaxy in the most obscurred inner regions. Mid infrared (ISOGAL), infrared (IRSF, South Africa) and optical (HCT, Hanle) observational data is being used for this purpose. Photopolarimetric observations are made on bright comets on their apparition in order to study their grain properties. Future study will include, in addition to the above, high resolution imaging polarimetry of blazars to understand the magnetic field pattern which plays important role in the emission, collimation and acceleration processes. Modelling of the multifrequency emission to fit the observed data will help understand the relationhip between different emission components. Imaging and specroscopy capabilities of the new instruments, MFOSC and near IR array coupled with data from future missions- e.g AGILE, TAUVEX, are planned to be used for the study of blazars and inner regions of the Milky Way.

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Selected Publications:

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