Udaipur Solar Observatory Faculty


Prof. Nandita Srivastava
Space weather, Coronal mass ejections, and filament eruptions
Phone No.: +91 294 2457211
Email : nandita AT prl.res.in
Prof. Shibu K Mathew
Instrumentation, solar polarimetry, sunspots
Phone No.: +91 294 2457212
Email : shibu AT prl.res.in
Dr. Bhuwan Joshi
Solar cycle, solar transients, solar eruptions
Phone No.: +91 294 2457215
Email : bhuwan AT prl.res.in
Dr. Ramitendranath Bhattacharyya
MHD processes in the Sun and the solar atmosphere
Phone No.: +91 294 2457216
Email : ramit AT prl.res.in
Dr. Brajesh Kumar
Solar oscillations, solar energetic transients, solar adaptive optics
Phone No.: +91 294 2457214
Email : brajesh AT prl.res.in


Prof. Ashok Ambastha
Solar active regions, solar transients, and local helioseismology
Phone No.: +91 294 2457207
Email : ambastha AT prl.res.in


Mr. Ankala Raja Bayanna
Phone No.: +91 294 2457208
Email : bayanna AT prl.res.in


Prof. P. Venkatakrishnan
Solar magnetic fields, speckle interferometry, solar adaptive optics
Phone No.: +91 294 2457203
Email : pvk AT prl.res.in