Udaipur Solar Observatory


Deputy Head (Admin) : Prof. Nandita Srivastava                        Deputy Head (Tech) : Prof. Shibu K Mathew
Research activities of the observatory encompass study of solar activity and solar origin of space weather.  

SUIT MEET - (16-17, DEC, 2015)

Research Programmes
Measurement of solar magnetic fields for studies of evolution of these magnetic fields in relation to solar eruptive phenomena like solar flares and coronal mass ejections; studies of the effects of solar activity on parameters of the solar oscillations; studies of the effects of solar flares on the surface and sub-surface flows in the Sun; studies of solar phenomena at high angular resolution by the application of modern techniques like speckle interferometry and adaptive optics.

Telescopes for solar observations (Solar Vector Magnetograph, H-alpha high resolution Spar telescope, H-alpha full disk Razdow telescope, Global Oscillation Network Group telescope), laboratories for developing state-of-the-art back-end instrumentation, archived data on solar activity and connectivity to main campus of PRL for using library and external archival facilities. A 50 cm aperture Multi-Application Solar Telescope (MAST) is being installed at the island site of USO.

Ph.D. Courses Offered

  • Solar Physics (as part of Astronomy course)

Select List of Recent Publications

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