Theoretical Physics


 Chairman: Prof. H. Mishra


PRL conference on Condensed Matter Physics (PRL CMP) 2016



This is the webpage of Theoretical Physics Division at Physical Research Laboratory, India. The broad area of research includes:

      Atomic and Molecular Physics
      Classical and Quantum Optics
      Complex Systems
      High Energy Physics
      Non-Linear Dynamics
      Statistical Mechanics


Main areas of study are theoretical and phenomenological aspects of particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic physics, gravitation and astroparticle physics, study of complex systems and non-linear dynamics. The research activities of this Division also include quantum computation & quantum information, quantum Optics and Bose-Einstein condensates and cold atoms.


Specific current research programmes include neutrino physics, physics beyond standard model, CP violation, rare decays of heavy quarks, hadron spectroscopy, fermion masses, supersymmetry, baryogenesis, dark matter and dark energy, phenomenology of higher dimensional theories, QCD and quark gluon plasma, cosmology and astro particle physics, colour superconductivity, chiral symmetry breaking, random matrix theory and quantum many-body chaos in finite quantum systems, statistical nuclear spectroscopy, group theoretical models and nuclear structures, study of atomic Rydberg states, Stark spectroscopy of atomic levels, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, synchronization, complex networks, fractional revivals, sub-Planck structures, coherent states, self-imaging, waveguide resonators and experimental study of optical vortices, nonlinear optics and light scattering.