February-2018 Public Lectures

Date : 16-02-2018
Time : 16:00:00
Speaker : Prof. B. M. Azizur Rahman
Venue : K. R. Ramanathan Auditorium, PRL


Photonics manipulates photon or light, and thus consider its generation, detection and processing for various applications. Its emergence has been marked with the invention of semiconductor lasers and optical fibres. Initial research focus was its application in high speed communications and thus benefitted from the invention of erbium doped fibre amplifiers and wavelength division multiplexing. However today, it has a range of very important applications, such as data storage, display, material processing, healthcare applications, optical sensing, and illumination beside its original focus on high data rate communications. In the new Horizon 2020, Photonics has been identified as the Key Enabling Technology with its likely impact to shape the overall technologies for this century. In this lecture I will focus on these issues, from its emergence to being a key dominating technology of the future. Following that, I will focus a bit on the prospect and challenges of silicon photonics, an emerging area of photonics research and present some results in this area, arising from my research group.