Final program, Abstract booklet, Images and videos captured during ISEA-15 are now available in Update Panel.
Scientific Program of ISEA-15
  • Click on ISAE-15 Program booklet to view/download the program.
  • Information with regard to Posters:
    1. All the posters will be on display from Tuesday to Friday (23 - 26 October, 2018).
    2. The maximum area available per poster is 1m X 1m. Please ensure that your poster is within this size.
    3. The mode of presentation of some papers is designated as "Oral Reserve". These participants may come prepared with both Poster and Slides for presentation. If there are any cancellations in talk(s), the papers designated as Oral Reserve in that Session will be converted to talk(s).
    4. Click on List of papers accepted as Poster to view the list of posters.