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22-24 March, 2023

IPSC-2023 Programme

Volume of Abstract

The Indian Planetary Science Association (IPSA) is organizing the 4th Indian Planetary Science Conference (IPSC-2023) at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. The conference aims at highlighting the recent advances, results and studies related to the atmosphere, surface and interior of planetary bodies in the solar system, including planetary processes and early solar system evolution.

Indian Planetary Science Conference Announcement

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. For further details, please contact "[email protected]" on or before 20th February, 2023.

IPSA is also organizing a two day workshop on Planetary Sciences and Exploration during 20-21 March 2023 at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. The workshop aims at motivating bright and talented young minds from Indian universities, colleges and academic and research institutes, to take up a career in Planetary Exploration. The Workshop will consist of lectures by subject experts, tutorials, hands-on, group discussions and laboratory visits.

 Pre-IPSC Workshop on Planetary Exploration: Going Beyond, 20-21 March, 2023.

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