Hari Om Vats

Astronomy and Astrophysics Division
Physical Research Laboratory
Telephone: +91-79-2631-4507
Mobile: 098 98 00 4727

My current research interests include:

Most of the above studies are based on (1) The measurements of electromagnetic emissions from the Sun and stars; (2) Ground based and satellite images of the Sun and (3) Planetary data of geomagnetic activity. Special observations are devised for the topical astronomical events as and when needed. Future research will have greater emphasis on the studies of space weather using the data from Indian and international astronomical observations of Sun and stars on multi-wavelengths. The work on long term variations and possible predictions will be based on the analysis of long term data, simulations and modeling.

Selected Publications:

  1. The pulsations of PG 1351+489
    M. Redaelli, S. O. Kepler, et al. (including Hari Om Vats), Mon. Not. of Royal Ast. Soc., 2011 (in press)

  2. Periodicities in the coronal rotation and sunspot numbers
    Satish Chandra and Hari Om Vats, Mon. Not. of Royal Ast. Soc.,2011, 414, 3158

  3. North-south asymmetry in the solar coronal rotation
    Hari Om Vats and Satish Chandra, Mon. Not. of Royal Ast. Soc. Letters, 413, 29-32, 2011

  4. Differential rotation measurement of soft X-ray corona
    Satish Chandra, Hari Om Vats , K. N. Iyer, Mon. Not. of Royal Ast. Soc., 407, 1108-1115, 2010

  5. Differential coronal rotation using radio images at 17GHz
    Satish Chandra, Hari Om Vats , K. N. Iyer, Mon. Not. of Royal Ast. Soc. Letters, 400, 34-37, 2009

  6. Effects of solar flares on the interplanetary medium and terrestrial environment
    H. Chandra, Hari Om Vats and Som Kumar Sharma, Asian Journal of Physics, 17, 485-503, 2008

  7. Geo-effectiveness of CMEs
    A. K. Jadeja, K. N. Iyer, Hari Om Vats and P. K. Manoharan, J. Astrophys. Astron., 29, 287-291, 2008

  8. Recent Observations of WD1524 at MIRO and participation in WET observing program
    Hari Om Vats and K. S. Baliyan, Communications in Asteroseismology, 154, 71-77, 2008

  9. Dynamics of Sun and its atmosphere
    Hari Om Vats, Asian Journal of Physics, 16, 291, 2007

  10. Formation and observations of shadow bands during the total solar eclipse of 23 November 2003 Near Maitri, Antarctic
    Hari Om Vats, S.P. Bagare and S.M. Bhandari, Advances in Geosciences, 2, 364-371, 2006.

  11. Coronal mass ejection of 4 April 2000 and associated Space Weather events,
    Jadav R. M., K. N. Iyer, H. P. Joshi and Hari Om Vats, Planetary & Space Sciences, 53, 671, 2005.

  12. Variation of VIRGO/SOHO measurements during 1996-2001, Proc. SOHO 12 / GONG+ 2002 Local and Global Helioseismology; The Present and Future Big Bear lake California (USA) 27 October 1 November 2002
    Hari Om Vats, ESA SP-517, 413-415, 2003.

  13. Discovery of Variation in Solar Coronal Rotation with Altitude
    Hari Om Vats, J.R. Cecatto, M. Mehta, H.S. Sawant and J.A.C.F. Neri, Astrophysical Journal, Lett. 548 87-89, 2001.

  14. Short-term periodicities in the time series of solar radio emissions at different solar altitude
    Kane R.P., Hari Om Vats, and Sawant H.S., Solar Physics, 201, 181-190, 2001.

  15. Interplanetary scintillation observations for the solar wind disappearance event of May 1999
    Hari Om Vats, H.S. Sawant, Rupal Oza, K.N. Iyer and Ravi Jadhav, Jou. Geophys. Res. (Space Physics) 106, 25121-25124, 2001.

  16. Interplanetary and terrestrial observations of an earth directed coronal mass ejection
    Hari Om Vats, Som Sharma, R. Oza, K.N. Iyer, H. Chandra, H.S. Sawant and M.R. Deshpande, Radio Science, 36 1769-1773, 2001.

  17. A possible detection of radio pulses from Geminga at 103 MHz
    Hari Om Vats, Ashok K. Singal, M.R. Deshpande, K.N. Iyer, Rupal Oza, Chhaya R. Shah, and S. Doshi, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 302, L65-L67, 1999.

  18. Rotational modulation of microwave solar flux
    Hari Om Vats, M.R. Deshpande, C.R. Shah and Mehul Mehta, Solar Phys., 118, 351, 1998.

  19. Correlation and fractal analysis for solar coronal rotation
    Hari Om Vats, M.R. Deshpande, M. Mehta, C.R. Shah and K.J. Shah, Moon, Earth & Planets, 76, 141, 1998.

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